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“Cynosure” Guild

Horde US-Drak'Tharon    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldUSRealm
A Tribute to Dedicated Insanityn/a
A Tribute to Insanity (10)Oct 16, 2009 01:51282010215
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Oct 16, 2009 01:51483318017
A Tribute to Skill (10)Oct 2, 2009 07:03432316717

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
A Tribute to Insanity (10)Oct 16, 2009 01:51282010215506.67 / 600.00
Call of the Grand Crusade (10)Sep 18, 2009 05:38419415237281.11 / 300.00
Resilience Will Fix It (10)Oct 20, 2009 21:0913954493 
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Oct 16, 2009 01:51483318017 
A Tribute to Skill (10)Oct 2, 2009 07:03432316717 
More Dots! (10)Sep 22, 2009 23:52111511157 
Onyxia's Lair (10)Sep 22, 2009 19:509289287 
She Deep Breaths More (10)Sep 22, 2009 19:0042421 
Heroic Anub'arak (10)Sep 18, 2009 05:38428015447 
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (10)Sep 18, 2009 05:38632023719 
Heroic Faction Champions (10)Sep 17, 2009690525809 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (10)Sep 6, 2009369014206 
Heroic Beasts (10)Sep 6, 2009404315796 
Anub'arak (10)Sep 2, 2009 04:27481020727 
Val'kyr Twins (10)Sep 2, 2009 04:2713081580114 
Faction Champions (10)Sep 2, 2009 04:2714563655918 
Call of the Crusade (10)Sep 2, 2009 00:272182184 
Salt and Pepper (10 player)Aug 30, 2009 22:15548921894 
Lord Jaraxxus (10)Aug 30, 200916380742817 
Beasts (10)Aug 30, 200917682808719 
Three Sixty Pain Spike (10)Aug 19, 2009 05:0212946064 
Upper Back Pain (10)Aug 12, 2009 05:032941532 
Not One, But Two Jormungars (10)Aug 7, 2009 01:23358016018 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: unknown
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (restoration)high
paladin (holy)medium
priest (healer)low
shaman (elemental)high
warrior (dd)medium
Cynosure of Drak'Tharon (PVP) - Horde

Cynosure is a recently reformed guild on Drak'Tharon [US-PVP] that is 11/12 Heroic ICC 10/25. Our main focus is building a strong raiding guild while maintaining a positive, friendly and enjoyable raid environment. We are a very low drama guild that strives to uphold a respectable reputation on our server. Cynosure is currently focused on defeating Heroic Lich King and is recruiting key players to aid in these attempts.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for mature and knowledgeable players that are focused on defeating all end-game content. Cynosure is looking for self motivated players that continuously strive to better their play. Recruits must be able to play comfortably at the level required to do hard modes and be able to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. Recruits must be respectful to others and be able to keep calm and level headed during progression times. Cynosure expects all players to have read forum strategies, watched videos and questioned the guild about anything regarding content they are not familiar with before raid time. Cynosure expects that all members come to raids prepared with flask and food buffs (fish feast are provided). As a recruit, you must be a team player and remember that the raid is more important than any personal meter you may be running. While we expect players to strive to do the best they can, we know it’s the little things that can make the difference.

What we have to offer:

Cynosure provides a dedicated progression environment in a relaxed raid atmosphere. We prefer to have fun while working on new content and look for that mindset in players. Guild leadership considers their position as a position of service rather than power and they always have open ears for any comments or suggestions members may have.

Raid Times

★ Tuesday: 8 PM EST - 12 AM EST
★ Wednesday: 8 PM EST - 12 AM EST
★ Thursday: 8 PM EST - 12 AM EST


★ ICC 25 Heroic: 11/12
★ ICC 25 Normal: 12/12 - Glory of the Icecrown Raider
★ ICC 10 Heroic: 11/12
★ ICC 10 Normal: 12/12 - Glory of the Icecrown Raider
★ ToGC 25: 5/5 - A Tribute to Insanity
★ ToGC 10: 5/5 - A Tribute to Insanity


★ Cynosure uses a fair Loot Council to distribute loot. Loot is given based on Attendance, Need, Performance and Attitude. Recruits are eligible to receive loot in the event that main raiders do not need the item.

Requirements and Expectations

★ 18 years or older
★ Attendance: Cynosure does not recruit to bench players, so applicants should be able to commit to the raid times. Everyone that joins will be an active raider and will be given the chance to stand out and earn a raid spot. Recruits should be online and ready to raid at 7:45 PM EST with all raiding materials (food, flask, reagents). If recruits do not show up to raids they will be removed from the guild.
★ Knowledge: Raiders and Recruits are expected to know their class and spec in depth and research encounters to provide maximum contribution to the raid. Raiders and Recruits are required to be gemmed and enchanted correctly and select gear that is itemized to the spec they raid with.
★ Performance: Raiders and Recruits should have good raid awareness, meaning they do not stand in and/or get hit by avoidable damage during the encounter. We encourage survivability and raid awareness over topping meters. However, raiders and recruits are expected to maximize all damage and healing to the potential of their gear and class.
★ Attitude: Applicants should have a good attitude. Wiping is part of progression and Heroic LK progression nights will be spent wiping. Each pull should be 100% serious in an effort to clear content. If an applicant cannot handle nights spent wiping, Cynosure is not the guild for you.
★ Parses: Applicants are required to have parses. Parses can be uploaded to World of Logs for free.
★ Ventrilo

World of Logs/---

★ Cynosure Parsing:
★ Cynosure Player Rankings:
★ Cynosure Progression: ---?n=Cynosure&r=Drak%27Tharon-US

If you have any questions feel free to contact Anäya, Shikozu, Holystorm, Ricerocket or Scrubbah in game on Drak'Tharon, email at or on AIM at Sniper Kitt3n.

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Jun 5, 2010Drak'Tharon
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