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“Blood Fist” WoW Guild

Horde US-Earthen Ring    (armory)
Progress: 7/7 (M) 3/3 (H)7/10 (M)
World: 4275
US: 1424
Realm: 2
World: 4286
US: 1416
Realm: 2
Encounter First Kill Videos World US Realm Fastest Kill
+ M: High Botanist Tel'arnJun 2, 2017 02:33382212561131m 19s
+ M: TichondriusMay 26, 2017 01:5341001402230m 47s
+ M: Spellblade AlurielMay 11, 2017 02:2240821325147m 22s
+ M: KrosusApr 13, 2017 03:50367512101
+ M: TrilliaxMar 30, 2017 03:4954961783108m 01s
+ M: Chronomatic AnomalyMar 16, 2017 04:0051281684110m 25s
+ M: XaviusMar 14, 2017 02:3864692123363m 08s
+ M: SkorpyronMar 3, 2017 03:03588420493
+ H: HelyaJan 6, 2017 03:2067082290542m 25s
+ M: CenariusMar 14, 2017 01:3567692232323m 30s
+ M: Il'gynothMar 14, 2017 00:55728023733
+ M: Dragons of NightmareMar 7, 2017 01:5298053305732m 16s
+ H: Gul'danFeb 24, 2017 04:0866552329308m 04s
+ H: Grand Magistrix ElisandeFeb 10, 2017 03:1961272113319m 48s
+ H: High Botanist Tel'arnFeb 10, 2017 01:3974192571422m 36s
+ H: TichondriusFeb 3, 2017 03:5768232392309m 27s
+ H: Star Augur EtraeusFeb 3, 2017 02:16666623033
+ H: KrosusFeb 2, 2017 04:4491763283708m 39s
+ H: Spellblade AlurielJan 26, 2017 03:3867122307607m 04s
+ H: TrilliaxJan 26, 2017 02:1791083209604m 44s
+ H: Chronomatic AnomalyJan 26, 2017 01:39103513749705m 46s
+ H: SkorpyronJan 19, 2017 04:16313414517
+ H: GuarmDec 9, 2016 04:0875382457316m 24s
+ H: OdynDec 9, 2016 03:30849727924
+ M: UrsocDec 2, 2016 03:28682722112
+ M: Elerethe RenferalNov 18, 2016 01:5261202000258m 37s
+ M: NythendraOct 27, 2016 00:36629220803
+ H: XaviusOct 14, 2016 03:5173972651305m 23s
+ H: CenariusOct 14, 2016 01:0093353302309m 24s
+ H: Elerethe RenferalOct 13, 2016 01:56116514287518m 18s
+ H: Il'gynothOct 7, 2016 01:5688803126606m 10s
+ H: UrsocSep 30, 2016 02:5160122140309m 55s
+ H: Dragons of NightmareSep 29, 2016 03:4568642414104m 43s
+ H: NythendraSep 29, 2016 02:291183843749

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (balance)high
monk (healer)high
monk (tank)medium
paladin (protection)medium
paladin (retribution)medium
priest (healer)high
priest (dd)low
shaman (elemental)high
Kill vids!

General Guild Rules

1. We don’t talk bad about other Guilds. Blood Fist considers itself an honorable group and we consider our reputation on the server important.

2. Please don’t swear or talk about overly sexual topics in Guild Chat before 12am. Blood Fist has members with kids. Some of these youngsters are in the Guild or could be reading Guild Chat over Mom or Dad’s shoulder. Let’s keep the conversation at about a PG-13 level. After 12am the gloves are off and you can be as vile as you want to be (as long as you aren’t violating Rule #1).

3. Don’t ditch groups. If you know you are going to try to get into an 8pm raid, don’t join a 5 man at 7:30. This applies to both PUGs and Guild groups.

4. dBaD: This rule is kind of a catch-all. dBad stands for “Don’t be a ***”. Basically we expect guildies to treat each other with respect and to represent themselves on the server with honor. Some examples:

a) Don’t be a loot ***. If you’ve taken a piece during a run, make sure someone else doesn’t need the next item before rolling for it.
b) Conduct yourself in Trade chat in a mature and appropriate manner.

5. No stupid character names. This is entirely up to the discretion of the Officers. A good rule of thumb is; "Could the name reasonably appear on an NPC in the game?". Also, any name that makes fun of another Guild member is not allowed.

Rank Structure

- Blood Raider - Full ranking raiders. Slots limited per class/spec at Role Leader's discretion. Held accountable to Raider Requirements described in this post. Blood Raiders (and the higher officer ranks) generally have raid invite priority for non-farm instances over lower ranks. Of course, class balance for raid viability would trump guild rank.
- Blood Guard - Raiding rank with full loot privileges, but with secondary raid invite priority to Blood Raiders. Blood Raiders may be demoted to this rank if they are under performing or have consistently failed to meet the Raider Requirements described in this post.
-Blood Recruit - Raiding rank attributed to evaluating new recruits.

Expectations and Requirements of Raiders (Blood Guards/Blood Raiders)

With our focus on conquering end-game content, Blood Fist will be expecting more of its ranking raiding members:

* Gear: As Blood Fist progresses, so do the minimum gear requirements for progression-oriented raiding. You are expected to have most/all of the current gear has to offer. You are expected to have top quality gems in all gem slots (required for epics).
* Build: For many classes (druid, shaman, warrior, paladin, priest), your "main-spec" build determines your role in a raid. Your raiding slot is tied to your main-spec build. You will need Role Leader’s permission to retain your raiding rank if you change build (feral druid -> balance, for example).
* Talents: Many builds for a given role can be viable given the right gear/skill, but raiding members are expected to spec appropriately to maximize PvE viability. It is up to the individual Role Leader as to what this actually means. Check your class forums or speak with your Role Leader for guidelines/requirements.
* Skill: As a raider, you are recognized as an expert in your class. You should have a thorough understanding of game mechanics and how to realize your maximum raiding potential.
* Vent: (required of everyone) - no mic required, but you must be able to listen. Tanks are an exception. You HAVE to be able to speak over vent to effectively tank.
* Mods: All participants in a raid are required to install Big Wigs or DBM. Use of any other mods is entirely up to the player. Keeping these mods up to date is also required.
* Maturity and ability to understand directions and execute the strategies described by the raid leader(s).
* Ability to take criticism and constructive feedback without getting defensive or taking it personally.
* Consumables: <Blood Fist> does provide Cauldrons and Feasts. You are responsible for all other consumables.
* Be on time, repaired, and at the instance entrance at invite time. Invites begin 10-15 minutes before 8pm and continue until 8pm. First pull is as close to after 8pm as possible. Do not expect an invite or summon if you are not at the instance. If you know you are going to be late, please let your Role Leader know.
* Bring enough reagents to casts your class buffs through all of the wipes.
* Forums: Read (and preferably actively participate in) the guild forums at at at least a few times per week. We will be using the forums for raid strategy discussions and it's important everyone understands what we're doing so we don't waste too much time re-explaining everything at raid time.

A Note on Blood Raiders
The Blood Raider rank is more than just a label. This rank should be worn as a mark of pride. To me, being selected as a Blood Raider means you’ve done everything you can possibly do to make your character the best they can be at their role. For example, not only have you put Rare+ quality gems in all of your reforged gear, but you’ve agonized over what combination would give you the absolute maximum performance for the job you are doing. I found this (slightly modified) quote on the Elitist Jerks forum:
Being a Raider carries the expectations of performance, attitude, and attendance. It's letting your team know when you can't make it. It's showing up with the right frame of mind. It's showing up mentally and physically (consumables, yo!) prepared. It's treating your teammates with respect, not derision and mockery. It's knowing that you are part of a group that is *choosing* to spend 4 hours of your evening *together* doing something you all find interesting and fun.

Being a Blood Raider in the Fist is all that and a little bit more. It’s also having a desire to push end-game content and see everything there is to see. It’s being the kind of person who gets a huge rush from spending hours, days or weeks pounding against the same encounter, only to have that session where everything just clicks. The sensations of bringing down so difficult a foe makes collecting the loot off it secondary (but still pretty damn sweet).

Being a Blood Raider is an honor and a privilege for those who truly enjoy being part of team and accomplishing difficult goals.
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