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“Segmentation Fault” WoW Guild

Alliance US-Elune    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldUSRealm
Alone in the Darkness (H)n/a
Observed (H)n/a
Unlock Algalon's Room (H)n/a
The Descent into Madness (H)Jun 16, 2009 04:11342412979

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
Lose Your Illusion (H)May 19, 2010 02:22508119361115.00 / 45.00
Three Lights in the Darkness (H)Aug 11, 2009 03:151579707721.73 / 36.00
Orbit-uary (H)Aug 10, 2009 01:31471619211012.75 / 22.50
I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (H)Aug 3, 2009 00:2227121073918.22 / 30.00
Knock on Wood (H)Jul 6, 2009 01:35140256548.36 / 12.00
Heartbreaker (H)Jul 2, 2009 02:4724081041837.83 / 45.00
The Descent into Madness (H)Jun 16, 2009 04:1134241297929.03 / 37.50
I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim (H)Jun 11, 2009 03:5025891025127.10 / 9.00
The Keepers of Ulduar (H)May 14, 2009 03:4540451571119.37 / 10.50
The Antechamber of Ulduar (H)Apr 28, 2009 01:1045211810127.14 / 7.50
The Siege of Ulduar (H)Apr 27, 2009 02:3550472154177.17 / 7.50
Rubble and Roll (H)May 19, 2010 01:4027599329 
Crazy Cat Lady (H)Mar 23, 2010 02:274196150011 
Unbroken (H)Sep 7, 2009 00:246273255718 
ObservedAug 31, 2009 03:3311144904 
Cheese the Freeze (H)Aug 25, 2009 00:224579187411 
Siffed (H)Aug 3, 2009 00:502312101810 
Nuked from Orbit (H)Jul 30, 20095525236015 
Must Deconstruct Faster (H)Jun 29, 2009 02:219094705 
Drive Me Crazy (H)Jun 22, 2009 01:013458131810 
Disarmed (H)Jun 18, 2009 00:535190224516 
Orbital Devastation (H)Jun 13, 2009 11:04259411687 
Stokin' the Furnace (H)Jun 4, 2009 03:4316366826 
Orbital Bombardment (H)Jun 4, 20096691323524 
Shattered (H)Jun 2, 2009 00:1811195456529 
I'll Take You All On (H)May 4, 2009 03:384070165911 
A Quick Shave (H)May 4, 2009 01:085959257118 
Nerf Engineering (H)Apr 30, 2009 00:324700200614 
I Have the Coolest Friends (H)Apr 27, 2009 03:27258110758 
Nerf Gravity Bombs (H)Apr 20, 2009 04:154279167010 
Take Out Those Turrets (H)Apr 20, 2009 01:336669339626 
Shutout (H)Apr 16, 2009 00:3125038994 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated): closed
Updated: July 1, 2011

Who are we?

Segmentation Fault is an experienced 10-man raiding guild on the Alliance side of Elune (PvE - EST). Our primary focus is to have fun. We feel that WoW should not feel like a job, and we do our best to keep it that way. We take pride in providing a home to players that enjoy raiding, but may not be able to commit to a heavy raid schedule. Most of us are professionals and/or college students that have a lot of fun pushing progression. We also reward our raiders for their dedication through progression content with free guild bank repairs and additional DKP. We're fairly mature but not so much that we can't also joke around freely in guild :P

Current State of Progression

We are currently 6/7 T12 10 man.

In T7 we cleared all 10 and 25-man content, including Sarth-10 3D (without zerging). In Ulduar we're 13/14 with some hard modes, and all bosses down including Algalon in 10s. We cleared 3/5 ToGC in 25s and 5/5 in 10s. We cleared 11/12 Heroic ICC-25 and 12/12 Heroic ICC-10. We cleared 3/13 H T11-25 and 4/13 H T11-10 man.

Recruiting Standards

If you're interested in joining our raiding team, note that we do require a fundamental understanding of your class/build (as in proper gear, gems and enchants). We also expect you know the ins and outs of your rotation and why you specced into X or Y instead of just copy/pasting a cookie cutter from EJ. Also, you should be willing to put some good effort on your app.

We take a lot of pride in the overall maturity and friendliness of our players. No matter if you're interested in apping as a casual or progression, a good attitude is what matters more than anything else. Being decked out in shiny loot does not allow you to be a prick.

Submitted applications will undergo a guild review process that can last up to 7 days from the submitted application date. Upon a guild invitation, the recruitment process begins and typically lasts for 3 - 4 weeks. We do this as a sanity check more than anything else, because one bad apple can ruin everyone else's fun for the night. This isn't to say that you'll be yelled at every time you make a mistake, we've all been there. But we'd rather not have disruptive people who make people afraid of gchat.

What we are looking for:

Recruitment is currently closed.

Raiding Schedule

Our raiding in cataclysm will be two night a week and possibly adding a third night for pushing progression. Please be available for the full duration of all 3 nights which are Tuesday, and Wednesday 9-12 PM server time.

We activate a third night, that is set aside for when we need more time and generally only occurs when we are doing a progression push.

Loot Rules

We use DKP for all guild runs with mainspec priority. Armor poaching is discouraged and will be blocked if it's obviously out of place (a holy pally bidding on +spi cloth bracers for example). We do realize that sometimes a down-armored piece is the best in slot though and will allow some leeway for that. We also realize that boomkins and elem shams have extremely limited to no options for hit in their armor type.

We Would Love to Have You

I know everyone says it, but we're a very friendly guild and have a lot of fun raiding, going for achievements and heroics. Vent is open for use anytime not just for raids, and guild chat can vary greatly :P

To learn more about our guild, recruitment process, raid times, loot system, and more - visit our website @ and apply today! If you would like to chat in game about an application or another question, please direct questions (through whispers or in-game mail) to any of our officers: Jugsymalone, Joraad, Maldwyn, Yethyl, Chromatica, or Crashedburnt.
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