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“Qin Chao” Guild

Alliance US-Gorgonnash    (armory)
Progress: 0/11
World: n/a
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Guild Profile

Primary Language: Chinese
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (balance)medium
Qin Chao是一个在美F的semi-hardcore中国工会,建立2年多,大多数来自澳洲,新加坡,中国的玩家,欢迎广大WOW爱好者加入我们。




QC是一直在寻找谁愿意建立友好与和平的气氛,并愿意帮助他人的工会成员。我们不断努力,成为成功的,稳定,成熟,的一个团队,公会。如果你喜欢和一群合理的,明智的,技术熟练的人一起raiding - 这是最适合你的地方!


我们将不会是一个hardcore公会需要每周6-7天,但是,我们希望我们的成员,必须准备好他们将面临的BOSS,知道他们自己class内外,成为团队的一部分:包括必要的MODS/Addons,每天给予120%,不希望打Raid随便AFK,需要始终保持QC RAID时间的60%的主动,积极,参与。


#(星期三):上午5:00 - 9:00服务器时间(10M)
#(星期四):上午5:00 - 9:00服务器时间(10M)(下午8:00 - 下午12:00 SG)
#(星期一):上午5:00 - 9:00上午服务器时间(10M)

温馨提示:态度,忠诚,责任,比您的经验或技术水平重要 - 这些以后可以很容易的教授。愿意努力工作,学习团队精神,并给予120%的每一天。

Qin Chao is a Chinese Casual guild (Alliance) in Gorgonnash. We continually strive to improve ourselves, improve the guild, and improve game environment. We are bound a serious duty to make sure every player can enjor this game, enjor this part of life, and cheer every single success and progress. We especially pay attention to attitude of raiders, we treat this as 1st priority.

Because Your Attitude decides your Altitude !

Base on building this success, we have continued our serious attention in Cataclysm. Staying entire 200% enthusiasm to our goals, we have been able to make our dreams come true.

QC is always looking for individual players who willing to build a friendly & peaceful atmosphere, and willing to help each other in the guild. We constantly strive to become successful, stable, mature, as a teamwork, guild. If you enjoy raiding and being with a bunch of reasonable, wise, skilled people - this is the best place for you!

Raiding & Recruitment (Do Not Apply If u are not fit Raid time and Guild rules)

Our raid schedule is currently Wed-Thursday, Monday.
We will not be a hardcore raiding guild that raids 6-7 days a week; But, we DO expect our raiders to be well informed on the bosses they will face, know their class inside and out, be part of a team, come appropriately prepared: including having the necessary mods installed, give 120% every day, staying focused and not AFK in the midst of a raid, Show CONSISTENTLY for 60% of QC raid days and be considerate, active and attentive within the guild.

Raid days and time (Server time)

# Wednesday: 5:00 am - 9:00 Server time (10m)
# Thursday: 5:00 am - 9:00 Server time (10m) ( 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm SG)
# Monday: 5:00 am - 9:00 am Server time (10m)

Warm Tips: Attitude, loyalty, accountability, and effort mean more than your experience or gear level - as the later can be easily fixed or taught. Be willing to work hard, learn teamwork, and give 120% every single day.

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