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“Thirteen Thirty Seven” WoW Guild

Alliance US-Lightbringer    (armory)
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
H: Sindragosa (10)Jul 8, 2010 04:4299012976231911.11 / 3000.00
H: Professor Putricide (10)Jun 28, 2010 03:02120553646251007.41 / 1500.00
H: Valithria Dreamwalker (10)Jun 24, 2010 05:1314015437426151.11 / 225.00
H: Deathbringer Saurfang (10)Jun 10, 2010 03:1318908610339158.89 / 225.00
H: Blood Prince Council (10)May 30, 2010 05:0212710392926166.67 / 225.00
H: Blood-Queen Lana'thel (10)May 20, 2010 04:21130904191301137.04 / 1500.00
H: Festergut (10)May 20, 2010 03:3613299432334170.56 / 225.00
H: Rotface (10)May 20, 2010 03:2613859449736170.56 / 225.00
H: Lady Deathwhisper (10)Apr 18, 2010 05:2510739338623190.00 / 225.00
H: Lord Marrowgar (10)Apr 10, 2010 19:249801302519190.00 / 225.00
The Lich King (10)Apr 6, 2010 04:359788322323129.26 / 150.00
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10)Jul 15, 2010 02:5610375313926 
Full House (10)Jul 15, 2010 02:5611978399728 
Been Waiting a Long Time for This (10)Jul 2, 2010 05:068495268521 
All You Can Eat (10)Jul 2, 2010 03:548153256821 
Flu Shot Shortage (10)Jul 1, 2010 03:5915614556739 
Dances with Oozes (10)Jul 1, 2010 03:5112590442627 
Portal Jockey (10)Jul 1, 2010 03:3815893577937 
Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion... (10)May 21, 2010 02:149781327224 
H: Gunship Battle (10)Apr 28, 2010 01:1914833490634 
Sindragosa (10)Mar 14, 2010 06:2313172464935 
Valithria Dreamwalker (10)Feb 26, 201015074555440 
Blood-Queen Lana'thel (10)Feb 23, 2010 06:3315120555544 
The Orb Whisperer (10)Feb 16, 2010 05:5516261587446 
Blood Prince Council (10)Jan 23, 20104535178114 
Professor Putricide (10)Jan 21, 2010 04:059722349223 
Rotface (10)Jan 21, 201015135593737 
Festergut (10)Jan 8, 20109195392627 
I'm on a Boat (10)Dec 19, 2009 07:26260210818 
I've Gone and Made a Mess (10)Dec 15, 2009 04:4017628708145 
Deathbringer Saurfang (10)Dec 15, 2009 04:4020072816159 
Boned (10)Dec 13, 2009 05:0117256546 
Gunship Battle (10)Dec 13, 200915920651646 
Lady Deathwhisper (10)Dec 13, 200916529677447 
Lord Marrowgar (10)Dec 13, 200917855746053 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 4
Recruiting (outdated): closed
Thirteen Thirty Seven is now recruiting for Warlords of Draenor 20 man Mythic Raiding. Guild Leadership has decided to move away from Pathogen, whom TT7 became at the end of SoO, and create our own guild under our former banner.

Warlords of Draenor Requirements

  • Applicants should know the ins and outs of their CLASS. Not knowing how to play a specific spec in a 20 man environment is a huge detriment to the raid team.

  • You should be able to learn from mistakes and know fights before we get to them.

  • You MUST be able to survive fights! This is 100% the biggest reason to get demoted from our raid team.

  • We want players that can avoid/do mechanics and survive in a sticky situation. If we ask you to do something for the raid team, you should know how to do it beforehand. Wiping to it a few times is ok, but repeatedly not doing the mechanic right is grounds for replacement.

  • An alt, geared, min/maxed, and ready to go after week 1. You should be able to play this alt at a respectable level. This will be used to feed heroic gear to the raid team, and entry level fights of Mythic should the gear be seen as significant to us achieving our goals.


    Tuesday - 6:00-10:00 PST
    Wednesday - 6:00-10:00 PST
    Thursday - 6:00-10:00 PST

    If farm is completed prior to the raid week ending we will either run on alts OR vote to take the week off.

    Amazing DPS. If you think you can do better than our DPS send us a tell or app on our website. We do take players without applying if logs can prove you are a capable player.

    We are also looking for any DPS that we consider amazing:
    -Doesn't die (Uses personal CD's + healthstones at pivotal times)
    -Knows how to do mechanics
    -Changes specs/reforges/gems for specific progression encounters
    -Has high rankings on world of logs or raidbots; mostly blue/purple rankings unless the boss is pad heavy.

    At the moment we are highly interested in ranged DPS, but will consider melee if you excel at the above points or meet the recruitment needs above.

    We expect all players to know the fights in and out, and how to utilize their CLASS in the best possible way. We expect mistakes to happen, however, we also expect players to learn from mistakes. Simple things like reforging, flasks, pots, food, enchanting should all be done or obtained before raid times. Players should know what's BiS for them. We are looking for players that are top 35 US material.

    We hand out loot based solely on performance, rank, and biggest upgrade. If you are applying to the guild for loot then this is not the team for you. We do our best to distribute loot evenly, however, we do go for biggest upgrades in the hands of the best players, and to those who deserve the loot. Trials typically won't receive loot over raiders under almost all circumstances. If a mount drops it is auctioned off to the highest bidder, and the gold distributed to the raid team (raiders and above).

    Trial period lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on your performance, with longer trial periods to be expected during after progression. If we think you are amazing you will most likely be promoted quicker. During trial period you are expected to provide yourself with all the necessary items to be competitive in the raid environment. This includes addons, gems, enchants, flasks, pots, a reliable internet connection, and knowledge of all fights we have on farm + any progression bosses we are working on. Failure to do/have any of the above will probably result in demotion from the raid team.

    Founded in August 2008, The leadership of the guild has over a decade of guild management and raiding experience spanning from MMO's earlier than the EverQuest days to newer MMO's such as FF14 and the upcoming Wildstar. We constantly strive to achieve the highest rankings with the minimal time we have on our raid schedule. This keeps us competitive and maintains a healthy amount of time for real life activities.

    We understand Mythic raiding will bring in more guilds, however, we still believe in maintaining a high US ranking by bringing in the best talent in the world.

    We strive to keep our gaming community alive by playing the latest hits and the newest MMO's.

    If you want to apply either app on our site or message an officer. Applications might not be necessary in some cases.
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