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“Internet Sports Team” WoW Guild

Horde US-Magtheridon    (armory)
Progress: 7/7 (H)
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
H: RagnarosMar 4, 2012 03:053251848810000.00 / 30000.00
Not an Ambi-TurnerDec 18, 2011 03:19298401068557 
Glory of the Firelands RaiderOct 26, 2011 07:03295210558 
Only the Penitent...Oct 26, 2011 07:039057353226 
Bucket ListOct 26, 2011 05:52332712208 
Death from AboveOct 26, 2011 05:065096187912 
Do a Barrel Roll!Oct 26, 2011 03:4027279787 
H: MajordomoOct 13, 2011 03:3812372419532 
H: BalerocOct 13, 2011 03:239518297921 
H: Beth'tilacOct 7, 2011 03:258122263422 
H: AlysrazorSep 30, 2011 01:418309260920 
Share the PainSep 26, 2011 01:0816758638142 
H: Lord RhyolithSep 22, 2011 02:138325278423 
H: ShannoxSep 9, 2011 02:3110673344630 
RagnarosAug 11, 2011 02:218866291928 
MajordomoAug 10, 2011 02:1413267480747 
BalerocAug 10, 2011 01:5518767717361 
AlysrazorAug 10, 2011 01:3414724543854 
Lord RhyolithAug 10, 2011 01:0920016770858 
Beth'tilacAug 10, 2011 00:5723562923165 
ShannoxAug 10, 2011 00:32277561137374 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
deathknight (tank)high
druid (balance)high
paladin (retribution)high
priest (healer)high
shaman (restoration)high
Guild: Internet Sports Team
Server: Magtheridon
Faction: Horde
Battle Group: Ruin
Raid Times: W/T/Sun 9 - 11:30 EST
Progression: T13 6/8 HM 25m, T12 6/7 HM 25m
Contacts: Flexxo, Greeruby, Stev, Coreyzephyrn.
World of Logs:


About Internet Sports Team:

Internet Sports Team is a recently established guild located on the Magtheridon server. While the guild may be new, our core has remained in tact since the Burning Crusades. Internet Sports Team formed prior to Firelands (patch 4.2) as a 10 man guild, and after 2 months into the content, we managed to clear 6/7 HM. During mid Firelands, as a change in pace, we decided to evolve into a 25 man raiding guild. As a 25 man guild, we managed to clear 6/7 HM firelands and 6/8 HM Dragon Soul. We've continued to be exceptional since.

Internet Sports Team bolsters ex players from Blood Legion, Premonition, Cuties Only, Exodus, and Vodka, who are looking to raid in a more relaxed environment. We are proud to be able to offer such a light "commitment" schedule and still experience the majority of content the game has to offer. We are not the type of guild who will spend 20+ hours a week obtaining world first kills, even though we could. While our time commitments are casual, we do expect all of our raiders to be stellar players that fully understand the mechanics, statistics and priorities of their respective classes applied to each encounter.

Our Expectations and Goals:

Internet Sports Team has one precedent rule: We will make the absolute most of our raid time. This means that all applicants, raiders, and fellow officers must follow a set guidlines of expectations.

1. Speak when Appropriate -
It's extremely inappropriate to converse during progression encounters, and it's even more inappropriate to disrupt one another.

2. Come Prepared -
Many raiders have become reliant on Fish Feasts and Cauldrons. We may NOT ALWAYS PUT THEM DOWN. Everyone must come prepared with the appropriate amount of Food, Flasks, Gold, Potions (enough to prepot and pot on every encounter), and other extraneous materials.

3. Raid for ENJOYMENT -
In today's World of Warcraft atmosphere, players rapidly lose their enjoyment of the game. We want players who enjoy the game so they will PUT OUT 100% EFFORT on ALL ATTEMPTS, continue to research their class, and work to retain their class mastery. We want players for the long haul.

4. Skill and Cohesiveness -
Skill is a huge part of WoW. An IST (internet sports team) player must be able to master all raid mechanics while maximizing their dps. We want players to craft their dps and healing to every single encounter. However, skill is only one side of the coin. Attitude is the other. An ideal IST applicant will show up to raids, interact with our 'screwed up' raid core, and be positive.

Raiding Atmosphere:

Internet Sports Team atmosphere is rather well-collected, and those who have raided with us will attest that our atmosphere is a lot of fun. While some of our conversations can come off as vulgar and extremely unproductive, we do maintain a fairly serious raiding environment. To simply put it, we like to have fun, but we will 'tighten our belt' when tackling progression content.

Appyling to Internet Sports Team:

Internet Sports Team maintains open recruitment 24/7. This means that if you are an exceptional applicant (able to do more dps, hps, or a better tank than anyone else in the raid), we will replace our weakest members and officers with you! While some classes are more needed than others, if you feel that you can replace any member in our raid core, you will raid.

If you are interested in applying to Internet Sports Team, please either contact: Flex, Geeruby, or Coreyzephyrn to fill out an application at:

We will question you to death, so please make sure that when you apply, you have the proper spec, reforging, gearing and gems. Ideal applicants will have perfect reforging and gemming, and they will be properly geared for HEROIC DRAGON SOUL (meaning equipped iLVL 392 or higher). Theorycrafting (knowing your class), and being able to play more than one spec perfectly IS A MUST. Applicants should also meet the criteria listed in the requirements section.

We have one more rule for applicants here at IST. Do not waste our time if you are a drama-queen. Do not waste our time if you can't take jokes. Do not waste our time if you are easily offended or cannot take harsh criticism. Do not waste our time if you are a woman who thinks being a woman entitles you to special treatment.(Sarkasmos - WWA Magtheridon)

We try to treat everyone equally, and no special accomodations will be made for applicants or raiders. We are a progression oriented guild and progression ALWAYS comes first. Applicants are expected to show up to raid, take criticism, NOT GET PRIORITY ON LOOT, and perform just as good if not better than everyone else in the raid.

For More Information Contact : Flexxo, Coreyzephyrn, Stev, or Geeruby.
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