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“PerfectioN” Guild

Horde US-Magtheridon    (armory)
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Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
deathknight (dd)medium
druid (balance)high
druid (restoration)medium
paladin (holy)medium
priest (healer)medium
shaman (elemental)high
shaman (restoration)medium
warrior (dd)medium
PerfectioN is a semi-hardcore 10m progression guild that raids 7-10 Wed-Fri EST, as well as a multi-gaming community.

For those interested in applying.....

1) First off we DO NOT accept "social" applications. If you already have a friend in the guild and just want to hang out with them, get them to talk to an officer about an invite. Otherwise, we are only interested in raider applicants.

2) PerfectioN is a raiding guild, filled with raiders. Do not apply if you have little intention of showing up to raids, or showing up prepared. Expect to spend a few hundred gold in potions and repairs every night. If you don't know what particular preparations it takes to raid, you're probably not who we're looking for.

3)Specs. Our focus is wholly PvE. We have no interest in your PvP spec, nor will they be especially welcome in raids. No one is discouraged from applying, but understand that it is not acceptable to come to a raid and do a "decent" amount of DPS. If you cannot compete with players in a similar role as yourself, then we will find someone who can.

4) Raid spots are limited. We are a 10m raiding guild but we have to have more then 10 raiders. Sometimes this means that individuals are forced to sit out, especially for particular encounters which favor stacking the raid a certain way. Some times raiders must make sacrifices for each other on a weekly basis, if that's not acceptable then I'm sure you can find a more casual guild. We do take notice of players who voluntarily sit out for a more effective class/player and who maintain their availability for the evening, even if they are not called upon.

5) Loot. You're probably not going to get it. If loot is the only reason you're interested in raiding with us, this is not the guild for you. 10-man raid loot is handled via Loot Council, which means you will need to participate in multiple raids on a consistent and competent basis before any shiny tier pieces of loot are available to you. I don't care how badly you want something; odds are VERY good that there are several people who have put in more work than you and been here longer than you and also want it. C'est la vie. If that's not ok, tough,

6) If you're significantly behind our team in gear and/or experience, you're probably not who we're looking for. Feel free to apply anyway if you like, but don't be surprised when your application is turned down. We simply can't afford to bring people to the raid who aren't going to be able to pull their weight.

7) If you don't think researching your spec is important, you're not who we're looking for. If you are not the greatest, shining example of your class. The DPS that are always at the top of the meters, the healers that can pull something directly out of their ass and save the entire raid in two GCD's, and the tanks that never die no matter what you throw at them all got there by researching and comparing their ideas to others. If you aren't going to put in the time to research your class and spec to make sure you're doing everything the best you can, we're not going waste our time by inviting you to the guild.

8) It should go without saying, but if you don't have the best possible gems and enchants on all of your gear, you're not who we're looking for. I wish I didn't have to say that, but there it is. I don't care if you think you're getting an upgrade soon (hint: if you're just joining PerfectioN, you're probably not). I don't care if it's only a 2 INT difference and you wanted to save the gold. If you're going to apply, put your best makeup on.

9) If you don't feel like working for your raid spot, you're not who we're looking for. We won't give you an invite just because you haven't gotten one in a while. We won't rotate out our best players in order to make sure the worst players get some playtime. Sorry. If you want to raid, you need to make yourself a better choice for that raid slot.

10) If you think showing up on time, repairing your gear, and having proper consumables are optional, you're not who we're looking for. I don't want to waste 20 minutes of our raid time while you go buy more flasks because you didn't feel like logging in until 7pm sharp.

So, with all that out of the way, here's who we ARE looking for:
• Raiders who are motivated and prepared, ready to go at raid time
• Raiders who will research their class and perform to the best of their ability always
• Raiders who are ready and excited to show up and wipe for hours
• Raiders who will be understanding and not pitch a fit when we give someone else that item they really thought they deserved
• Raiders who will pay attention and not go AFK outside of our scheduled break time
• Raiders who are just plain badass

Satisfy all of that and you will find yourself a core component of our main raid roster before you know it.


What is your raid history?
- Pre-Cata what raid instances did you do? How far did you get in your highest level raid? What role did you have in the raid?
- In Cata what instances are you experienced with?
- Just how good are you at execution in raids? Are you used to movement fights? Can you dodge fire while maintaining dps? Can you survive the elevator boss?

What degree of raid preparation are you used to?
- How much gold do you usually spend on repairs? How often are you used to dying? Don't be fooled by the fact that we kill bosses...we die a LOT. We bring a repair bot. We use it. Expect to go through at least an entire set of gear in a progression night. Will that be doable?
- If you're a healer, how many mana potions do you usually bring/use? Are you prepared to bring 40 pots to a raid each night in addition to flasking? If you're a DPS class, how many stat potions are you used to using? Are you ready to go through 2 on each wipe?
- If you are a buffing class, do you buff quickly and efficiently?
- What amount of time per week do you spend OUTSIDE of raids getting ready for them? What do you think is a good amount of time?

What, specifically, is your availability?
- Are you in school? Do you have a job? Do you have a girlfriend? Is she hot (we may require proof)? What days/hours are you ALWAYS going to be available?
- We raid from 7-10 EST Wednesday through Friday. Can you generally make all of these times or are there certain days that will conflict on a regular basis?

Exactly how aware are you that, if accepted, you would be entering a raid group that has been together for a decent amount of time, and that you will most likely have to start at the bottom of the totem pole?
- Raid invites are handed out first to our top raiders, then to our longest standing raiders, and then we fill in the gaps with needed classes. Will you be understanding if and when a different person gets a spot over you? If you are invited to a raid, and 2 hours later a different class is needed, will you be OK with stepping down?

How to apply

In order to apply to PerfectioN simply email with the following…

Character Name: You shouldn't need help with this one.

Race, Class, Spec, Dual Spec: What the heck are you applying as? Also mention if you'd rather spec a different way than you are currently.

Age: Your real-life age.

Do you have a working GOOD QUALITY headset? (hint: No is a bad answer)

Transfer/Ownership Status: Are you currently on Magtheridon? Or are you transferring from another server? Have you always owned this character?

Professions: Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Gear: Armory link required. Also make mention of any other notable gear you may have. We don't care what your gearscore is, don't bother posting it.

Do you have access to the best available enchants from factions/professions? Yes/No (hint: No is a bad answer)

Alts: Any alts of note.

Availability: When are you available to play? What days? Be detailed.

Guilds History: What guilds have you been in before? Why did you leave/are you considering leaving? Transfers, include guilds from your current server.

Describe your raid history, and talk about your role/skill level. For WotLK/Cataclysm, include raid-oriented achievements.
- Pre-BC:
- TBC:
- WotLK:
- Cata:

Why you want to join: Seriously though, why the heck would you want to join PerfectioN? If you're currently in a guild, what makes you want to leave?

Where did you hear about the guild?

Friends in PerfectioN: Do you know anyone in PerfectioN? How well?

How well do you know your class? Do you keep up with class theorycrafting? Do you read sites like Elitist Jerks or Tankspot? How aware are you about the intricacies of your class?

DPS Applicants: Post any DPS logs you have (WWS, WMO, WOL preferred). This is required for all DPS & Healer applicants.
Tanks: You can skip this, though dual spec parses are helpful.
Healers: Your ability to top healing meters doesn’t interest us, however, we want to make sure you’re casting the right spells on the right people at the right times. Parses are incredibly useful for determining this, include them.

What, if any, mods do you use to help you perform your role while raiding? (UI screenshots are required for ALL applications)

What degree of raid preparation are you used to?

What internet provider do you use, and how fast is it? For bonus points, include a report from

What, specifically, is your availability for raids?

Exactly how aware are you that, if accepted, you would be entering a raid group that has been together for a decent amount of time and that you will most likely have to start at the bottom of the totem pole?

Joke: Tell a good one or we'll make fun of you.

Do you like fishsticks? Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth?

Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor: (hint: This is probably the most important question of all)
Website: unknown
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