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“Vox Tempest” Guild

Horde US-Ner'zhul    (armory)
Progress: 2/6
World: 4544
US: 1755
West: 4076
Realm: 18
World: n/a
Realm: n/a
EncounterTime (GMT)VideosWestUSRealmScore
N: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder (25)~Nov 14, 2012172364911 12.64
N: Feng the Accursed (25)~Oct 13, 20129683567 14.41

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated):
paladin (retribution)low
Welcome to VTGaming’s Official World of Warcraft Guild, Vox Tempest.

Players that are interested in joining < Vox Tempest > are asked to read all the content below and then proceed to fill out an application if you meet the requirements.
1. Who we are
2. Requirements and Expectations
3. Recruitment Classes Needed
4. Recruitment Policy
5. Details of the guild
6. Application Process
<VT> Who we are and what we have to offer
Who is VT Gaming? We are humbled to say we represent a rapidly growing professional e-sports team focused on advancing the community of which we are a part. We operate on the philosophy that without an e-sport community, none of this would be possible. This is why we are strongly committed to advancing, growing, and giving back to the community. Along those lines, we foster and encourage a professional atmosphere for all our players and expect a great deal from them. We firmly believe we have a strong synergy between our players and the community and strive to constantly improve that bond.

Who is Vox Tempest? We are first and foremost, a raiding guild. However we are a very social guild, it is a rare occasion when guild chat is empty. We appreciate a good sense of humor and encourage having fun, but also require the focus necessary to perform in a progression raiding environment. You must be able to accept what will be constructive criticism or you need not apply. We don’t want raiding to be your entire life, however all members must understand that there will be times they wil be asked to make sacrifices for the good of the guild; whether it be in the form of playing time to push new content over or getting benched to have a better comp on a progression encounter.

<VT> Requirements and Expectations

We expect a certain level of competence, respect, and humility from players. We are looking for dedicated raiders who can commit and give us the level of output we need. We hold the right to remove you from the guild after your trial period if we feel you do not meet our standards. If you come to raid, we expect that you show up every night to do just that. Patience is a must, as learning new content takes time to learn. Furthermore, the drive to keep pushing content and stay up to date with your class BiS lists and rotations is a must. In short if you use the wrong rotation, don’t know what your best-in-slot gear is, don’t know what information there is to know about encounters, or bitch and moan about stuff; we don’t want you.

We are looking for players who are on par, gear wise, with our current progression. Players that can’t think for themselves and are not able to perform their raid role while maintaining raid awareness need not apply. We want players that can adapt to changes in fights instead of wiping because something didn’t go our way. If you think you can do that, we want you.
We need players who have experience in a top-end raiding environment and can follow directions. Raiding in essence is just following directions. As a player if you do that you will excel beyond measure. It is up to the raiding officers and raid leader to decide on a strategy for an encounter. All you need to do as a player is follow it much like a map to treasure at the end of the dotted line. If you feel that you can do this, then we want you.

We expect players to be available, we understand real life is first and foremost, We raid 2 nights per week, we would prefer 100% attendance, however we REQUIRE at least 80% monthly attendance to maintain a Raider rank. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, nights from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM Central Time. All current encounter knowledge, class knowledge, and consumables are expected and required for every raid. If you don’t know your rotation or how an encounter’s mechanics work, or can’t afford to get consumables before a raid, then we cannot help you.

<VT> Recruitment classed needed
Vox Tempest is looking for exceptional dps and healers we are currently 8/8hm in Dragon Soul if you are interested you can talk to Denied or Hellscolon.

<VT> Recruitment Policy

For players who are interested in joining our team need to read the following and understand that this is a not a casual guild. We raid top-tier content for high ranking boss kills. We expect to put in a specific amount of effort to attain this goal, and require all members to understand what it means to be a member of this guild. As mentioned earlier, there must be an understanding by the player that sacrifices on all members parts must be made for the guild to succeed at the level that we strive to play at. Also, We accept adults only; age restrictions do not apply here, however your applications will be judged for maturity in addition to other play related statistics.

If you feel that you represent all of what Vox Tempest is looking for, and think that you would be a good fit here, you are welcomed fill out an application on the main forum. After submitting your application, you will be notified of a decision within a timely manner (typically within a week). This will either occur in one of three ways:

A) An officer will contact you in-game,
B) You will receive a in-game mail, or pm on forums,
C) Or you can check the forums under your application thread.

(Note** You must be registered and logged in to fill out an application**)


If your application is accepted, you will spend a minimum 3-5 week trial period where we will monitor your performance and how well you fit in with the guild. After the trial period you will either be, denied, accepted or stay as a trial until the class officer decides otherwise. If accepted, you will be promoted to raider and have full looting rights, if denied you will be removed from the guild.(With or without a reason why.)

Class Leaders have complete discretion with their new recruits. Your trial period will not be shortened for any reason, except if it seems you will not fit in with the guild.

<VT>Details of the guild
· Server: Ner’zhul- PvP
· Faction: Horde

Attendance – Raiders are required to be present and fully prepared for all but (_) scheduled raids (80% attendance) Per Month. Trials are expected to make every raid during their trial period. This means repaired, pots, enchants, and familiarity with all possible bosses we may encounter that particular evening. Come MoP we will be 5 nights a week: Tuesday, Fridays from 7:00-11:00pm. Raid invites start at 7:00pm (central). Buffs start at 6:55 which means you better be inside the zone. Pulling starts at 7:00. If you are not in the zone at 7:00, we have a problem. Server Time.

Raid Conduct – Having fun while knocking over progression content is the main goal of VT. With that being said, there’s a time to joke and a time to focus, you must act maturely and focus on raids. All those attending are required to listen to the raid leaders who have absolute final say on proper strategies and raid composition. If you fail to listen to those individuals; we will presume you are better off raiding solo.

Out of Raid Conduct – You are expected to be knowledgeable about your class, and you must keep looking for ways to improve your performance in raids by tweaking your spec, rotation, and timing in order to become better at whatever it is you do in raids. Be willing to change the way you play when an officer points out things you could improve on; there is always more to learn. Regardless of your class, you should work on maximizing your utility to the whole raid. Proper itemization and gems/enchants are of top priority, making sure you hit the require caps for your class/spec. Always look for ways to improve your gear. If you don’t do your homework and actively improve your gear outside of raids it will show on your performance, and you will start receiving warnings from Officers. This is not the place for you if you cannot do the above.

You will also need a computer that can handle raiding without either losing internet connectivity or getting low fps is paramount. If you are playing the game on a toaster and can’t perform because you have single digit fps, or if you DC every attempt; you need not apply.

Guild Conduct – All guild chat, raid chat, and whispered interaction will be done humorously, but respectfully. Respect other members’ opinions, and if you have an idea make a suggestion respectfully. Any personal attacks against another will be seen as a request to be booted the hell out of the guild ASAP. If you have any issues with strong verbal language, or offended easily then this is not the place for you. We house a very vast group of people, with every majority and minority. We do not tolerate intolerance. This is a place for friends who share the same goals, that is to create a community of friends who have the same end-game goals and to achieve those goals together.

Guild Bank: More information to come on this topic, waiting on the new MoP Changes.

Guild funds for repairs: Guild Repairs will be open to all raiders.

PST Denied or Hellscolon in game for further questions. Always recruiting exceptional players.
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