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“Raiders of Da Lost Taint” Guild

Horde US-Proudmoore    (armory)
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
H: Sindragosa (10)Jul 30, 2010 04:47113723577351755.56 / 3000.00
H: Valithria Dreamwalker (10)Jul 9, 2010 06:2415374486354143.33 / 225.00
H: Blood Prince Council (10)Jul 9, 2010 05:0817141549557143.33 / 225.00
H: Rotface (10)Jul 2, 2010 05:3521536740282147.22 / 225.00
H: Festergut (10)Jul 2, 2010 05:2520270689075147.22 / 225.00
H: Deathbringer Saurfang (10)Jun 30, 2010 06:2722275736669147.22 / 225.00
H: Lady Deathwhisper (10)Jun 23, 2010 04:4123701802287151.11 / 225.00
H: Lord Marrowgar (10)Jun 23, 2010 04:2426695896991147.22 / 225.00
H: Blood-Queen Lana'thel (10)Jun 18, 2010 04:47178945920661033.33 / 1500.00
The Lich King (10)Jun 2, 2010 06:5720269702469105.93 / 150.00
Flu Shot Shortage (10)Sep 3, 2010 05:5922226835070 
Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion... (10)Aug 27, 2010 04:3919626692370 
H: Gunship Battle (10)~Jun 9, 20103036511039114 
I'm on a Boat (10)May 12, 2010 05:132475510528100 
Sindragosa (10)Apr 23, 2010 01:3923123851476 
The Orb Whisperer (10)Apr 9, 2010 04:572932811121109 
Blood-Queen Lana'thel (10)Apr 2, 2010 01:4725342974990 
Blood Prince Council (10)Apr 2, 2010 00:352740810718100 
Valithria Dreamwalker (10)Mar 25, 201024922933188 
Professor Putricide (10)Mar 8, 2010 04:2125532969391 
Rotface (10)Feb 5, 2010 02:1520693816878 
Festergut (10)Jan 19, 201021659885491 
Boned (10)Jan 7, 2010 02:432843011680119 
I've Gone and Made a Mess (10)Jan 5, 2010 05:584082116938162 
Deathbringer Saurfang (10)Dec 18, 2009 02:56243409894101 
Gunship Battle (10)Dec 17, 2009243999926105 
Lady Deathwhisper (10)Dec 17, 20092490710146108 
Lord Marrowgar (10)Dec 16, 20092505010286107 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
priest (dd)high
shaman (elemental)high
You have reached the
    <Raiders of Da Lost Taint>
WoWProgress page! The RoDLT guild houses three of <Taint>'s five sanctioned raid groups:

Green Team - Raiding most Sundays, the Green Team "Fun Run" is a fully flexible entry-level team whose focus is Normal raid content. Alts welcome!

Blue Team - Raiding every Monday and Tuesday, Blue Team has a focus on Normal and Heroic raid content.

Pink Team - Raiding every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Pink Team has a focus on Heroic and Mythic raid content.

Interested in raiding with us, or just becoming a part of the <Taint> family? Apply today at:

What <Raiders of Da Lost Taint> is looking for in applicants: Patient, respectful players who are willing to learn, adapt, and help each other succeed.

Check out our WarcraftLogs:


<Taint>, founded 12 years ago, is the best collection of LGBTQA guilds in the world. Though our numbers are too vast to fit into just one guild, we are united in our mission to provide an all-inclusive social sphere to enjoy World of Warcraft in. We're also united by GreenWall, an addon that merges our guild chats and allows you to communicate with hundreds of players at a time.

To accommodate every playstyle, <Taint> offers multiple raid groups of varying commitment, whose content goals range from Normal to Mythic.

Our roster includes gay pilots, straight dads, lightning-bolting authors, Blizzard staff, and even a farmer who is incapable of baking a chicken. We've got Twitch streamers, yoga instructors, asexual ninjas (seriously), and lesbian movie-makers. Whether you are a military veteran who had to deal with DADT or are a transgender politician, <Taint> invites everyone to apply. However, as we are a proud part of the Rough Trade Gaming Community (, we require that you be 18 years or older to join.
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