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“Indecent Exposure” WoW Guild

Alliance US-Stormrage    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldUSRealm
A Tribute to Insanity (25)n/a
A Tribute to Mad Skill (25)n/a
A Tribute to Skill (25)n/a

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (25)Nov 4, 2010825024771940.00 / 120.00
Heroic Faction Champions (25)Nov 4, 201010628332828 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (25)Nov 4, 201013067429540 
Heroic Beasts (25)Nov 4, 201014705496143 
Salt and Pepper (25 player)May 29, 2010 00:1316484584654 
Onyxia's Lair (25)Oct 13, 2009 04:15259001088680 
Call of the Crusade (25)Oct 9, 2009 05:5116878649250 
Anub'arak (25)Oct 9, 2009 05:5117202663952 
Val'kyr Twins (25)Oct 9, 2009 05:5118353723054 
Faction Champions (25)Oct 9, 2009 05:5119104761358 
Lord Jaraxxus (25)Oct 9, 2009 05:5120249824960 
Beasts (25)Oct 9, 2009 05:5120824857862 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
deathknight (dd)high
druid (balance)low
druid (restoration)medium
druid (feral-dd)medium
paladin (holy)high
priest (healer)low
shaman (elemental)low
shaman (enhancement)medium
shaman (restoration)low
Indecent Exposure is now recruiting for our 25 man raid team! Both core and bench spots!

Core Classes Desired:



Enhancement Shaman

Unholy/Frost Death Knight

Holy Paladin

Resto Druid

All applications are welcome, even if your class is not listed here.

Who we are:
We’re Indecent Exposure, a semi-hard core raiding guild located on the PvE server, Stormrage. What that means is we have the hard core attitude and skill without putting in that 5 raid nights a week. Many of us are friends and comrades, but most importantly a team. A team that plans on growing closer together while progressing through content at an acceptable and competitive rate.

The guild itself was formed at the end of Wrath of the Lich King (Two weeks before 4.0), and easily obtained 11/12 Hard Modes in ICC. While the guild lacks any official achievements, the raiders who make up the guild have prestigious titles such as Death's Demise, Celestial Defender and Grand Crusader.

We distribute loot via loot council. Myself, Femshep, Bladeknight, and Kagrenac are in charge of loot council. Loot Council picks who receives items based on, attendance, performance and need.

What we need from you:
At Indecent Exposure meters are only so much to us. We prefer players who can think outside the box, as well as pull “Phat deeps”. We need players who will show up all the time. Showing up without a legitimate excuse will get you gkicked very quickly. In addition to this we need players who are self-sufficient. This means reading up on fights, farming mats for flasks and food, and keeping up to date with their class and spec.

Each new application will undergo a trial period of three weeks. They can still receive loot during their trial period. Trials will be judged by their Role Leader. Femshep (Healing), Imabeartank (Tanking), Bladeknight (Melee Dps), Kagrenac (Ranged Dps)

We do prefer players who are of age, due to the lack of parental constraint, but will accept those of the younger crowd if they’re skills are up to par.

Most importantly we need people with sense of humor. We can be quiet vulgar at times and we mean no ill harm, but we do make some racy remarks.

Raid times (Note all times are EST which is sever time)
Sunday: 8:00PM-12:00PM
Monday: ----No Raid----
Tuesday: 8:00PM-12:00PM
Wednesday: ----No Raid----
Thursday: 8:00 PM-12:00 PM
Friday: ---- No Raid----
Saturday: ----No Raid----

*Note all times are subject to change, this includes canceling of raids. IE Holidays ect.

About the Raid Leader:
My name is Shadowmarth, a Shadow Priest who started on the PvP server of Eredar. I enjoy long walks on the beach and melting faces. I’m an experienced raider who has raided since Burning Crusade. I have downed all bosses during their expansions with a few missing (Lady Vashj to name one). World of Warcraft is a big part of my life, but not my entire life so don’t expect to see me 24/7. I’m an easily approachable individual with a high sense of humor. I do my best to befriend all my guild mates, even the non-raiders.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here, or send myself, Whosteen, Bladeknight, Imabeartank, Kagrenac, or Femshep an in game mail.

profile administrator(s): Rawkz, whosteen, Femshep
last updated by Femshep 6 years ago
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