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“Exodus II” WoW Guild

Horde OC-Thaurissan    (armory)
Progress: 0/9
World: n/a
Realm: n/a

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (balance)medium
druid (restoration)high
druid (feral-tank)medium
paladin (holy)medium
paladin (protection)high
priest (healer)high
warrior (protection)high
Exodus II is a mature/serious SG 10man raiding guild that was formed on the 13th Nov 2010 in preparation for Cataclysm.The GM/Officers are all experienced (Ex-Raised / Secrets / Clique) raiders with Glory of the Icecrown Raider in 10 & 25M. We are looking for hardcore,committed & dedicated players that can dedicate 3 nights/week from 2200 - 0200 SVT. We currently have a Main Core & is seeking more dedicated & skilled raiders to join our ranks to form bolster our strength for our Main Core as well as 2nd Core Grp.

Our best team available for the encounter is always taken, spots are always purely based on skill and possible setup required rather than pre-set rotation. Raider/Core Raider status is earned by proving your commitment and performance and players who we feel are underperforming will quickly find they have competition from a new recruit.

Loot is sorted via a loot council and as a general rule Guild progress is prioritised over personal greed.

Recruitment is open for top-caliber players. Which means that it's open for all classes as long you're good enough to be a part of Exodus II.

What we want from you:

1. Total dedication to the guild and raiding
2. Though we don’t raid that much while farming, progress raid times are extensive and you must be available to attend all of these raids. Farming raid times are roughly 22:00 till 02:00. During progress you can expect to raid at any hour of the day. We realise this limits the amount of applicants, but it's essential that you’ll be able to free up time for these progress raids that could run for weeks at a time.
3. General whining is not tolerated at all. If your main focus is loot or you can’t handle sitting out of raids sometimes, then this is not the right guild for you. Sometimes certain compositions will be better and you simply won’t get a spot. We expect you to play for the guild and its progress above all else.
4. Complete knowledge of your class, how to gear and spec it. This means being able to adapt to new situations and goes beyond just reading theorycrafting and knowing what the right gems are. It's something that we expect people to have put a lot of thought into so their character can be the best it can be.
5. Top-notch raid performance goes without saying. This means you must be experienced in high-end raid content and able to play your class to perfection. People who repeatedly die to the same mistakes and perform sub-par compared to the rest of the guild will not last very long.
6. Have a competitive nature both on a guild vs. guild level and an internal level. You will have to earn your raid spot and show that you are the best person for the job. You must be confident in what you are doing and want to show that you can do it better than anyone else.
7. Generally have a friendly attitude towards your guild mates. The flipside of this is that you must be able to take a certain level of abuse and jokes from your peers. If you can't take a few jokes at your expense this might not be the place for you.
8. You must be able to take sometimes extremely harsh criticism and improve from it. You will make mistakes, everyone does. It's important that you will learn from them, not make them again and respect the criticism you take.
9. You must be fluent in English, both written and spoken. You must also have a microphone and Ventrilo and not be afraid to use it when required.
10. Be over 18 years of age, there have been some exceptions to this, but don't even consider it if you are under 17.

What you get from us:

1. A guild with a highly competitive nature that has many players who have competed at the highest level of this game for almost 5 years.
2. Our main goal is to explore all end-game content and to always remain as competitive as we can be.
3. We have a very strong community within the guild. A friendly but jokey atmosphere that is great fun to be part of once you get used to it. We also have a great community here on the website and would like all new recruits to take an active role in that.
4. In this game of 12 million players, we are offering you the opportunity to compete at the highest level. From our perspective, that's the best you can strive for.

We are looking to expand our roster with just great, hardcore players more than anything else. Do not be put off from applying because you feel we have a certain amount of a specific class. Spots are performance based and if you can show that you are better, then every spot is there for the taking. A lot of our best recruits don't come from well known guilds, but the absolute best players in less well known guilds who want more from the game.

Please include the following information in all applications:

1. Your character name.
2. Where you are from / live.
3. Your age.
4. A link to your armory <- Do not forget this at all costs, apps without this will be instantly thrown away.
5. Your current *EQUIPPED iLvl Gear Set.
6. An explanation of how you approach your char and what you feel is important to focus on.
7. A history of your experience and previous guilds.
8. Connection/Computer info, a stable computer and connection are absolutely essential so do not apply without both of these things.

To keen Applicants:
*Please feel free to Pst. either me or any officers in-game for more info.*

Guild Master:


Best of Luck from Exodus II.
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