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US Guild Item Level Rankings

RankGuildRealmItem Level
24vodkaz (20)Zul'jin906.35
25Addiction (20)Bleeding Hollow906.35
26Might (20)Zul'jin906.32
27Obsidium (20)Thrall906.27
28Unity (20)Ragnaros906.10
29Mind Games (20)Illidan906.05
30Hard In The Paint (20)Windrunner906.04
31Zing (20)Illidan906.01
32Capital Vices (20)Eredar905.99
33Shake Miracle (20)Illidan905.94
34DNOgaming (20)Kil'Jaeden905.83
35Emphasis (20)Sargeras905.81
36Eternal Kingdom (20)Proudmoore905.80
37Formality (20)Proudmoore905.79
38The Stylish Few (20)Barthilas905.79
39One (20)Frostmourne905.77
40Chilis Bar and Guild (20)Illidan905.76
41Pie Chart (20)Bleeding Hollow905.69
42Availed (20)Anvilmar905.65
43What Does Dog Think (20)Madoran905.64
44Nepenthium (20)Illidan905.56
45Occasional Excelle.. (20)Turalyon905.56
46Alpha (20)Whisperwind905.52
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