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US Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Encore (20)Illidan934.45
2Honestly (20)Frostmourne933.87
3Ego (20)Saurfang933.37
4WHATEVER WERE AWES.. (20)Magtheridon933.36
5Limit (20)Illidan933.34
6vodkaz (20)Zul'jin933.29
7Easy (20)Aerie Peak933.28
8Big Dumb Guild (20)Illidan933.26
9Scared of the Dark (20)Frostmourne933.26
10AK (20)Cenarius932.90
11Vision (20)Kel'Thuzad932.82
12Addiction (20)Bleeding Hollow932.76
13Midwinter (20)Sargeras932.72
14Fused (20)Illidan932.65
15Overcoming (20)Azralon932.57
16HC (20)Burning Legion932.19
17One (20)Frostmourne932.18
18Infinity (20)Mannoroth932.14
19Alacrity (20)Stormrage932.13
20Strawberry Puppy K.. (20)Area 52932.05
21Instant Dollars (20)Mal'Ganis932.00
22Zing (20)Illidan931.94
23DNOgaming (20)Kil'Jaeden931.86
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