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DE M+ Score Proving Grounds

WoWProgress introduces M+ Scores for Proving Grounds!

With incoming Mythic Dungeon Invitational you can watch on WoWProgress who is currently ahead in Proving Grounds qualifications.

Our scoring calculated as follows:
- 5 dungeons with best runs selected for each character
- Higher Key Level always gives more points (in order to match Proving Grounds rules)

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RankCharacterGuildM+ TeamRealm
1Musclebrah (lfg) The M TeamBlackmoore2784.07
3Mandrai Onyxia2760.07
4Nekzro Onyxia2688.07
5SwagstepAversionTeam BigpullOnyxia2688.07
6NuffieAversionTeam BigpullOnyxia2688.07
7Kenvoqt (lfg)NonSenseTeam BigpullBlackrock2688.07
8VispSwiss Prime GamingFearsome poultryNorgannon2616.05
9Grodien (lfg)Swiss Prime GamingFearsome poultryNorgannon2616.05
10Aniqt (lfg)WildplayEasy Life Easy GameBlackhand2616.05
11Relìx (lfg)NonSenseBlackrock2568.10
15Nøxar (lfg)AwakeEredar2448.09
16LegychanAwakeFearsome poultryEredar2448.09
17Séiféset sail for failBlackrock2400.09
18Konvict (lfg) Aegwynn2400.08
19Gomzul (lfg)minimal effortNoob FilterNera'thor2376.09
20GranítShattered RealityShattered RealityBlackrock2352.15
21PejâyHope n DespairBlackmoore2352.15
22Paínn Azshara2352.15
23Niabie Blackmoore2352.15
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