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ES M+ Score Proving Grounds

WoWProgress introduces M+ Scores for Proving Grounds!

With incoming Mythic Dungeon Invitational you can watch on WoWProgress who is currently ahead in Proving Grounds qualifications.

Our scoring calculated as follows:
- 5 dungeons with best runs selected for each character
- Higher Key Level always gives more points (in order to match Proving Grounds rules)

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RankCharacterGuildM+ TeamRealm
1LexgölasUnknown EntityDun Modr2616.07
2SynywarUnknown EntityDun Modr2616.07
3Mileycyrus (lfg)SlothDun Modr2616.07
4NightktipaSlothDun Modr2616.07
5SilkzProvidenceDun Modr2616.07
6TrikotriHigh QualityC'thun2184.20
7SnakeworldHigh QualityC'thun2184.20
8JøserraHigh QualityC'thun2184.20
9HuntergirlHigh QualityC'thun2184.20
10VarîatyHigh QualityC'thun2184.20
11ShânîsUnknown EntityDun Modr1920.11
12Raev (lfg)MiracleMiracle GamingDun Modr1344.13
13Abethus (lfg)MiracleMiracle GamingDun Modr1344.13
14Rektxecute (lfg) Dun Modr1344.13
15NenuEurekaDun Modr1320.11
16KandarlolEurekaDun Modr1320.11
17YgelEurekaDun Modr1320.11
18AphidxToP RaiderSDun Modr1320.11
19MegumíEurekaDun Modr1320.11
20MaleesSlothDun Modr1224.23
21SérëExiliados de ÁvalonTyrande1224.22
22Todritter (lfg)Alive AgainTyrande1224.22
23ThiltarExiliados de ÁvalonLos Errantes1224.22
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