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US-Connected Alexstrasza Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24  16857.65
25  16720.44
26LisondraNo Guts No Glory16524.18
28KikokenPost Nerf Kill15792.92
29DelynneTomorrow We Take O..15343.38
30FlufiTomorrow We Take O..15343.38
31Emperror 15324.50
32  14990.07
33NamyssaReservoir Dogs14615.55
34FistdI DPS MY GFS IRL14489.15
35GrandmajettShort Bus Crew14198.74
36UnclebrianShort Bus Crew14198.74
37ZombiewalkerShort Bus Crew14198.74
38LungfungAxis of Evil14047.86
39RollerpolyFur the Herd13908.48
40Minza 13488.12
41LawngdukdawnChaos Crusaders13402.11
42BrowserWake Up Call13339.60
43WikketsToo Old For PvP13135.96
44  13092.99
45  13044.61
46  13023.74
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