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US-Connected Boulderfist Battle Pet Score

PvP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24HunterssSociety of Benevol..16516.35
25  16465.22
26BarbhersheyOokem In The Dooker16385.71
27KierneyInfeste Nex15873.97
28DaisieheartDark Order15855.31
29UhlerrPRESS ALL THE BUTT..15815.67
30  15780.02
31LukorrNo Good Deed15694.63
32Turth 15660.27
33KwassakwassaCopper Feel15255.76
34WolfglaveArmy Of Heroes15141.27
35DraukrathiThere Is No Cow Le..15087.01
36  14365.81
37HawkerInternet Four Way14252.41
38KrickettSouls of Corruption14090.75
39TâräñtùlàbooTbooTs memory13935.81
40ÇénàbooTbooTs memory13935.81
41  13935.81
42TrjegulSociety of Benevol..13826.99
44IbichiRequiem of Silence13646.02
45NeerajStraight Outta Van..13596.77
46SyraenaSociety of Benevol..13415.96
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