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US-Connected Feathermoon Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24ScarecowFalse Advertisement22701.12
25Wintergore 22667.21
26BoogieknightElektrik Wine21890.57
27  21134.75
28TreatCrit Happenz21059.78
29MakleishThe Vigilant Watch20687.00
30FeypallyLost Raiders20679.80
31SyrainnaHouse Of Dark Moon20613.23
32XirabelleCult of the Blue D..19915.24
33MontigulaThe Vigilant Watch19762.55
34ThaydenThe Vigilant Watch19675.43
36CarmindyLegend In My Spare..19399.26
37Zaxyrn 19325.32
39VênûsThe Sanctuary19041.63
40ColeLights Hope Academy18631.10
41  18430.33
42GwenyvarInsomniatic Tenden..18425.45
43Aerriss 18417.94
44  18397.17
45  18221.54
46EryfI Have It Set To M..18127.87
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