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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24MagexTime Wasters50717.69
25ShweetyTime Wasters50717.69
26KwaichangThe Redeemed Aveng..50324.35
27Skand 50177.61
28DaffieLegacy of the Storm50054.63
29LorithionLegacy of the Storm50054.63
30YorliLegacy of the Storm50054.63
31AnkithLegacy of the Storm50054.63
32BopsieLegacy of the Storm50054.63
33SylvieLegacy of the Storm50054.63
35JóhóEpic After Dark49256.08
36RagnokDemonic Consultation49059.79
37MinjancyGnomeland Bank48814.52
38ShysterStonefield and Mac..48808.83
40PsiphiEpic Kills48722.87
41VeroushkaThe Fallen Legacy48327.49
42DischordeCeltic Blue Champi..48312.19
43TelnicEpic After Dark48275.14
44Lunaskyeyes 47879.87
45NakuaCelestial Dragons47879.87
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