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US-Connected Shadow Council Battle Pet Score

RP Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

48StormsingerEpic After Dark15787.31
49ChatnoirNothing to See Here15652.39
50MapleleafFor Death and Glory15632.16
51ThumbledarkLegion of Heroes15614.76
52KintanaCrimson Halo15599.21
53RumproastNinja Warriors15546.10
54TusskzTwilight Chapter15534.73
55AngelaenStarter Pack15366.90
56AnexaTwilight Chapter15287.18
57Haseya 15257.81
58  14979.78
59Ashaclanclan 14948.25
60AmerginEpic Failure14940.18
61DiukNights of Viscera14872.30
62DiukNights of Viscera14872.30
63  14837.93
64Rakshasa 14688.14
65CyynderDeities and Demigods14644.71
66EvesembraceThe Waddling Deaf14506.76
67Möönies 14420.84
69TalfuranLakeshire Dredging..13841.00
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