Region based time adjustment on WoWProgress: Yes or No?

4 years ago

As you know, different regions have new content open in different times.
This time for leveling ranking we are doing time adjustment.
As US got MoP 9 hours later than EU, we are adjusting their level time.
Looking at Level 90 Top 25 we see 12 players from US which is fine.
For monks there is a monk from US on the top.

The question is should we do time adjustments for raiding, for boss kill times?
There are different opinions.

This is really questionable thing.
Please post your opinions in comments, should we do time adjustments in MoP?


  1. Meano
    Meeno Operation Eskimo
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    Makes sense to me. You have my blessing.
  2. OrbyXavius
    Rating: -2 [-][+]
    4 years ago
    No, no, no. World first is world first, not world most time efficient. There are a lot of aspects that come into play when raiding for world first titles, including tactic leaks, the general competitive spirit and quite importantly, the psychological aspect. There's usually a bit of a boost in performance right after losing a kill, simply 'cause it's then been proven that it's possible to overcome, and these guys won't settle to be the second best. If anybody can do it, they can as well. The US might have 14 or so hours on EU at the start of every race, but it's oftenly not critical to any of the heroic bosses, with the exception of the noticably easier ones and very hard gear checks which we haven't seen in quite some time now.
  3. Windsdom
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    For the years US had their advantage or releases and restart. Now its our turn. World 1st is world 1st after all. If you kill it in GMT +1 or GMT +5. My personal opinion is that ranking should not be affected by timezones.

  4. DonSleza4e
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    You can do same as in Diablo - "buffed" and "unbuffed" dps
    World first will stay as world first in non-adjustment rating version
    And peoples may check adjustment rating version if they want this
  5. re1gn1te
    Reignite Denial of Service
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    I think it was very much needed for the levelling race but for boss kills it might leave a sour taste in peoples mouths. Btw your gearscore raitings are all fucked up theres no way someone in 397/410 ilvl gear should out gearscore someone in 340 + gear.
  6. Lebrihos
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    I think you should create a ranking with the adjustment of time and another ranking without adjustment of time. That way everyone would be happy :)
    But I do not know which of the two should be displayed by default.
  7. Kernel
    4 years ago
    Thanks everyone for your comments.
    The time adjustment is rather questionable thing, so we refrain from applying it this time.
  8. Qauntumz
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    4 years ago
    all EU players dont want it and all US players want it. thats just how its gonna be because with it the EU players get an advantage.
  9. Halaberiel
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    4 years ago
    World first is world first, and it makes hardly no difference anyway
  10. Jento
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    To say world first is world first, Halaberiel, is so stupid. I know your refering to the final boss of an instance but if you look at the overall instance it DOES make a difference. Take a look at the first boss. When the EU finally had a chance to enter ToT heroic and the first boss was killed, 103 guilds in the US had already downed that boss. Doesn't matter how quickly they killed the boss they had no chance at getting above those 103 guilds. Now referring to just the final boss, sure it doesn't make that big a difference, but I believe there should be recognition given to those guilds in the EU who blast ahead of US guilds even though they started however many hours later at the beginning of the race. Take Method vs. BL. With the old point system BL was listed first whenever they were on the same boss but Method had killed every single boss QUICKER than BL. Is it fair to say BL is better when the only reason they had that point advantage was the head start they recieved? Absolutely not. Now with this new system it may be fixed within the overall race but especially at the beginning of a race the delay SHOULD be taken into account, if only to show the delayed party literally had no way of competing while so many others were allowed to begin.
  11. Szemere
    Kuruzslo Artifex
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    Add it in, and bosses that get a hotfix and all bosses after those, remove the penalty, as those roll out at the same time.
  12. lanost
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    The guy gives an example of a boss from 4 years ago as if it is the norm today! The game has evolved to the point that bugs (if they even exist) gets almost insta-hotfix. Saying that starting late is an actual advantaged is just ridiculous, if that was the case why don't all US guilds schedule to start raiding half a day late when a new patch come out? I go as far as say that Blizzard simple doesn't make all regions to start at the same time so US can get at least some WFs kills on the first easy bosses of an instance when anyone else can't even log on, it's a way to keep the hope and morale of US players so they don't lose interest in the game.
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