Improved Scoring for Tier15, the Long Version, Part 2

4 years ago

This is Part 2 (the final part I hope) of posts about scoring system.

Read Part 1 here

Let's continue with our example.

Some guild lost a day on boss1 because they made a mistake in tactics, or their key players had a birthday party, etc (the reason doesn't matter here).
This mistake costs them 10 points (1 day).

There are two bosses left, and the guild is starting 1 day late on the next bosses. It means the guild also loses 10 points on boss2 and 50 points on boss3.

So mistake on the first boss costs them 10+10+50 = 70 points!

Now there is another guild, they are doing okay and killed boss1 1 day faster than the first guild.
And both guilds spend they same amount of time on boss2.
But this other guild made a mistake on boss3 and lost 1 day.

Mistake on boss3 costs them 50 points.

To summarize:
- the first guild lost 1 day on boss1 that costed them 70 points
- the second guild lost 1 day on boss3 that costed them 50 points
- in total, during the race, both guilds lost 1 day and killed the final boss (boss3) in the same day

Mistake on the easiest first boss costed more than mistake on the hardest final boss. And the first guild has less points and loses the race even though they spent less time on the hardest boss.

If the raid is gated, guilds start working on bosses in the same day, even if some of them spent more time on the previous boss. Delay on the first boss would not pass further and it would cost only 10 points instead of 70.

I hope you understand now why we changed our scoring system.
There are cases when point decay system is better, we will continue to improve the scoring system when needed (example: Stars going straight to Firefighter skipping other hardmodes).

I'm locking comments here, if you have comments, please post them in the first part.

Here are some additional notes from the comments:


Sometimes people asking us to set boss points points dynamically based on the difficulty.
In theory it looks good, but in practice it's not applicable. Changing boss points will make things hectic in the beginning of the race. Guilds will be very confused if boss points are not settled.

We are not going to force anyone to kill bosses in linear order.
There is nothing wrong with skipping bosses.

It is okay if no one will follow the linear path. Then all guilds will get the same amount of points.

But if a guild was strong enough to kill some bosses without skipping, they get more points.

For example, guilds that didn't skip Heroic Council are stronger than ones that skipped the encounter.

If you feel that skipping this boss was a mistake, come back next week and catch up.

Now lets compare it with point decay system.
Council would give much more points than Tortos and Ji-Kun.
Skipping Council would reduce your points _forever_, and that's actually very strong pressure to not skip the bosses.

Point decay based on weeks (raid lockouts).
We used lockout-based point decay where there were tiers with limited attempts.


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