Region based time adjustment on WoWProgress: Yes or No?
    4 years ago
    As you know, different regions have new content open in different times.
    This time for leveling ranking we are doing time adjustment.
    As US got MoP 9 hours later than EU, we are adjusting their level time.
    The question is should we do time adjustments for raiding, for boss kill times?
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    Challenge Mode Rankings coming to WoWProgress
    4 years ago
    You will be able to participate in special Challenge Mode Rankings provided by WoWProgress.

    Once it's ready, we will post about it. Stay tuned!
    Achievement Points Rankings without Duplicates
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress introduces Achievement Points Rankings without Duplicates.

    As we know, WoW Armory now shows the same Achievement Points value if the characters are from one account.

    This fact has spoiled Achievement Points rankings that some websites tried to maintain.

    WoWProgress is now able to track alts characters and we filter them out of the ranking list!

    Enjoy the new Achievement Points Ranking in MoP!
    Alt Tracking is Online
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress is now tracking alts. Refresh your characters to link your alts together.
    - it's very fast
    - doesn't require achievement points to match

    How to refresh your characters:
    - use the search form to find character
    - press "Refresh" button
    - character will be updated in a few seconds
    - repeat for all alts

    What if alts still missing?
    - make sure that your achievement points are above 3000
    - login/logout on you characters in order to update Armory
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