Amount of Pulls on WoWProgress!
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress is now tracking amount of pulls on different bosses for all guilds and characters!
    1. Go to guild page.
    2. Progression table contains new column: Pulls.
    3. Click "+show".

    It will show raid setup including:
    - characters that killed the boss
    - replaced characters that didn't participated in the first kill
    - amount of pulls for each character!

    As the data has been removed from the API by Blizzard, we had to disable the feature now.
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    Show us your Youtube videos
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress introduces guild boss kills videos that can be updated by guild profile administrators.

    How to add Youtube video as a guild profile administrator:

    1. Go to your guild page.

    2. Look at the encounter progress list: there is new column "Video".

    3. Click "+add" link.

    4. Copy-paste Youtube URL to the form.

    Now your video icons are visible on your guild page and on the boss encounter page.

    This feature has been added just a few hours ago and at the moment there are about 500 videos already.
    Soon we will add video search feature by class, spec, etc.

    Promote your Youtube videos on WoWProgress!
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    Day -> Timestamp
    4 years ago
    In the previous tiers final rankings were defined by timestamp of the final bosses kill (Madness of Deathwing in Tier 13 and Ragnaros in Tier 12).

    In this tier we have several gated final bosses and final rankings will be defined by total of the scores.

    We are switching score by date to score by seconds in order to get more accurate ranking for top guilds.

    The downside of this change is for average guilds the rankings will now depend more on their raid schedule. Those who start raids earlier will get more score points.
    (This is why we didn't want to do that before)
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    How Strong is Your Battle Pet Army?
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress introduces Battle Pet Score Rankings!
    The scoring is based on level (xp needed to level) and pet quality.

    Update: duplicated pets are being removed from Pet Score.
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