Separating Western and Asian WoW Progress and iLvl Rankings
    4 years ago
    There is different version of WoW in the Asian regions with 10- and 25-man lockouts, higher ilvl and boss health.
    This is greatly affecting iLvl Rankings and also may affect Progress Rankings, so we have to make separate rankings for Americas/Europe/Oceanic and Asian countries.

    You will see only Western listings by default (instead of World) and you can choose all the other regions (including Asian ones) from the main menu.

    Note that only Tier 14+ progress will be separated, previous tiers were not changed.
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    WoW Videos Search is Here!
    4 years ago
    Now you can search WoW videos on WoWProgress:
    - by encounter
    - by class PoV
    - by spec PoV

    Just go to any encounter page you would like to watch and use the dropdown menu to select PoV.
    Heroic Will of the Emperor, Hunter PoV
    Heroic Garalon 10-man, Balance Druid PoV

    Our database contains more than 14K videos now and the number is growing fast!
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    10 000 videos on WoWProgress, Happy New Year!
    4 years ago
    I'm glad to announce that WoWProgress users have uploaded 10 000+ videos for Tier14 PvE Content!

    This is the biggest collection of actual PvE videos!

    So far our Video Section generated 308K Views, Average Time on Page is 5 minutes.
    As promised, we are going to add Video Search function soon.

    Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!

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    Amount of Pulls on WoWProgress!
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress is now tracking amount of pulls on different bosses for all guilds and characters!
    1. Go to guild page.
    2. Progression table contains new column: Pulls.
    3. Click "+show".

    It will show raid setup including:
    - characters that killed the boss
    - replaced characters that didn't participated in the first kill
    - amount of pulls for each character!

    As the data has been removed from the API by Blizzard, we had to disable the feature now.
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