Thunderforged item rates: 10-man vs 25-man
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress analyzed character profiles from guilds that killed the first boss in Tier 15 Jin'rokh the Breaker, and here is some info about thunderforged item percentage:

    Guilds killed the first boss: 9616
    Items equipped: 19123
    Thunderforged items equipped: 2228
    Thunderforged items percentage: 11.7%

    Guilds killed the first boss: 1326
    Items equipped: 7907
    Thunderforged items equipped: 2033
    Thunderforged items percentage: 25.7%

    There are disenchanted, not equipped items among normal (level 522) loot, so we can assume that probably percentage of thunderforged items is:
    - 10-man: 10%
    - 25-man: 25%

    which is quite significant difference.
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