Improved Scoring for Tier15
    4 years ago
    We have changed our scoring system in order to better reflect the non-gated raid rankings:

    - boss kills now grant constant amount of points

    - guild rank is still defined by amount of score points and timestamp of your latest boss kill

    - skipping bosses will reduce points of next bosses, but once you kill the missing bosses, you'll get your full points back

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    Introducing WoW Guild Item Level Rankings
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress introduces Guild Item Level Rankings!
    Now you can watch guild listings sorted by average item level of best geared 10/25 characters of each guild.
    If your guild is doing 25-man progression, its item level calculated with 25 best characters.
    Otherwise item level calculated with 10 best characters.

    Guild Item Level Rankings - West (10-man / 25-man)

    Guild Item Level Rankings - Asia (10-man / 25-man)
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    Thunderforged item rates: 10-man vs 25-man
    4 years ago
    WoWProgress analyzed character profiles from guilds that killed the first boss in Tier 15 Jin'rokh the Breaker, and here is some info about thunderforged item percentage:

    Guilds killed the first boss: 9616
    Items equipped: 19123
    Thunderforged items equipped: 2228
    Thunderforged items percentage: 11.7%

    Guilds killed the first boss: 1326
    Items equipped: 7907
    Thunderforged items equipped: 2033
    Thunderforged items percentage: 25.7%

    There are disenchanted, not equipped items among normal (level 522) loot, so we can assume that probably percentage of thunderforged items is:
    - 10-man: 10%
    - 25-man: 25%

    which is quite significant difference.
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    Separating Western and Asian WoW Progress and iLvl Rankings
    4 years ago
    There is different version of WoW in the Asian regions with 10- and 25-man lockouts, higher ilvl and boss health.
    This is greatly affecting iLvl Rankings and also may affect Progress Rankings, so we have to make separate rankings for Americas/Europe/Oceanic and Asian countries.

    You will see only Western listings by default (instead of World) and you can choose all the other regions (including Asian ones) from the main menu.

    Note that only Tier 14+ progress will be separated, previous tiers were not changed.
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