WoWProgress and Patch 5.4
    3 years ago
    - new proving grounds rankings:

    Damage Score at the Proving Grounds Endless (US | EU)

    Tank Score at the Proving Grounds Endless (US | EU)

    Healer Score at the Proving Grounds Endless (US | EU)

    - SimDPS Ranking (US | EU) was upgraded to 5.4.0 release 1

    - Siege of Orgrimmar items have been added for Character ilvl ranking (US | EU)

    - cross-realm guilds support has been implemented for connected realms - please report if you see any bug

    - 10- and 25-man progress rankings are now separated by default
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    Realm List Updates
    3 years ago
    We have a small yet useful update in WoWProgress Realm List and Guild Rosters:
    Realms are now sortable by any column:
    - Rank
    - Realm name
    - Population Total
    - Population Horde
    - Population Alliance

    Population now calculated differently. Before it was based on total amount of characters that did Tier14 Normal or above.
    Now it's based on amount of unique players that killed something in Tier 15 Normal.

    In Guild Rosters now you can see amount of unique players.
    Example: Level 90 Members: 215, Unique Players: 77
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    Statistics Rankings on WoWProgress
    3 years ago
    You can now watch over 30 new WoWProgress rankings based on Character Statistics:

    - Common character activity (damage, healing, etc)

    - PvP activity (Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, Duels)

    - Pet Battles
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    SimDPS: 1000 iterations, 450 seconds combat length
    3 years ago
    We have found that it's possible to run 1000 simc iterations for each character on our hardware.
    SimDPS is being updated now with following settings:

    - 1000 iterations
    - 450 seconds combat length

    All the other options set by default: single boss, full raid buffs, etc.

    It will take some time update all characters, but you can manually queue your character for faster update.
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