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EU-Aman'Thul Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Essential (r)43910/11 (M)
2Der Dunkle Pfad8109/11 (M)
3Imba X (r)9159/11 (M)
4Baseline (r)13528/11 (M)
5Hells Anglers (r)22436/11 (M)
6Wipe N Go24445/11 (M)
7Elements24455/11 (M)
8Der alte Bund (r)30345/11 (M)
9Flames of Crystal ..33595/11 (M)
10The Golden Dawn (r)43203/11 (M)
11LokTar (r)55832/11 (M)
12stroke of genius60841/11 (M)
13From Dusk Till Dawn (r)66691/11 (M)
14Todesgruppe8725 11/11 (H)
15Rat der Horde9105 11/11 (H)
16Dîvision Enigma9354 11/11 (H)
17Tempest (r)10155 11/11 (H)
18Gummibaerenbande11118 11/11 (H)
19Immortal Guardians (r)11126 11/11 (H)
20Anorya11215 11/11 (H)
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