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EU-Arygos Mythic Progress

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings



1Breakpoint13162/13 (H)
2Rest in Peace212411/12
3The Hidden34071/12
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1Risíng20613/13 (H)
2Cârpe Nôctem66113/13 (H)
3Seven Days left113913/13 (H)
4Rising116513/13 (H)
5Purity198613/13 (H)
6Breakpoint233413/13 (H)
7Execute324313/13 (H)
8mYstixHeRos357213/13 (H)
9Elitepoebel429013/13 (H)
10nakama434713/13 (H)
11Mystic Dragons577711/13 (H)
12Warriors of honour660710/13 (H)
13Feder und Schwert75208/13 (H)
14Orden des Lichts78798/13 (H)
15Frontline81418/13 (H)
16Invictus XV (r)85487/13 (H)
17Glory Bound86278/13 (H)
18Arygos Goldstücke88956/13 (H)
19Bataillon der Fins..94715/13 (H)
20Pantheon104165/13 (H)
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Heroic Throne of Thunder

H: Jin'rokh the Breaker 31 Jin'rokh the Breaker Heroic videos
H: Horridon 21 Horridon Heroic videos
H: Council of Elders 21 Council of Elders Heroic videos
H: Tortos 20 Tortos Heroic videos
H: Megaera 18 Megaera Heroic videos
H: Ji-Kun 25 Ji-Kun Heroic videos
H: Durumu the Forgotten 16 Durumu the Forgotten Heroic videos
H: Primordius 15 Primordius Heroic videos
H: Dark Animus 13 Dark Animus Heroic videos
H: Iron Qon 15 Iron Qon Heroic videos
H: Twin Consorts 13 Twin Consorts Heroic videos
H: Lei Shen 10 Lei Shen Heroic videos
H: Ra-den 10 Ra-den Heroic videos

Throne of Thunder

N: Jin'rokh the Breaker 97 Jin'rokh the Breaker Normal videos
N: Horridon 83 Horridon Normal videos
N: Council of Elders 73 Council of Elders Normal videos
N: Tortos 66 Tortos Normal videos
N: Megaera 65 Megaera Normal videos
N: Ji-Kun 61 Ji-Kun Normal videos
N: Durumu the Forgotten 52 Durumu the Forgotten Normal videos
N: Primordius 50 Primordius Normal videos
N: Dark Animus 44 Dark Animus Normal videos
N: Iron Qon 41 Iron Qon Normal videos
N: Twin Consorts 42 Twin Consorts Normal videos
N: Lei Shen 38 Lei Shen Normal videos

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