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EU-Blackhand Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Akedia (r)222910/11 (M)
22Betrayed23819/11 (M)
23Art of Gaming24179/11 (M)
24Red Ribbon Armee (r)24429/11 (M)
25Tranquilize25189/11 (M)
26MILCH25479/11 (M)
27no time to explain (r)26389/11 (M)
28Fearless (r)28039/11 (M)
29System Error29738/11 (M)
30Edge of Insanity (r)32078/11 (M)
31Entropy32487/11 (M)
32Epic Factory Inc33357/11 (M)
33Trials33807/11 (M)
34murderous frenzy34757/11 (M)
35P A R A D O X36266/11 (M)
36Psychadelics36376/11 (M)
37Full Tilted Pingus38326/11 (M)
38Explicit38876/11 (M)
39Legion der Horde39666/11 (M)
40itami (r)40326/11 (M)


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