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EU-Blackmoore Mythic Progress

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1A Dying Wish7213/13 (M)
2Hope n Despair (r)7513/13 (M)
3Tempest RiP11613/13 (M)
4Herzog Igzor19913/13 (M)
5Myth (r)26613/13 (M)
6Die Gummibärenbande (r)30113/13 (M)
7Innervision (r)37913/13 (M)
8Methead49213/13 (M)
9Rise and Shine (r)56613/13 (M)
10Kein Bier for Fear57213/13 (M)
11Inominatus76013/13 (M)
12Exercitus77213/13 (M)
13Infamous78413/13 (M)
14Eonar (r)99213/13 (M)
15Raising Aced114813/13 (M)
16Darkest Dream120413/13 (M)
17Gaia153213/13 (M)
18four signs166913/13 (M)
19Entropic Gravity170113/13 (M)
20Beyond Insanity (r)209013/13 (M)
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Mythic Hellfire Citadel

M: Hellfire Assault 106 Hellfire Assault Mythic videos
M: Iron Reaver 99 Iron Reaver Mythic videos
M: Kormrok 95 Kormrok Mythic videos
M: Hellfire High Council 86 Hellfire High Council Mythic videos
M: Kilrogg Deadeye 81 Kilrogg Deadeye Mythic videos
M: Gorefiend 59 Gorefiend Mythic videos
M: Shadow-Lord Iskar 60 Shadow-Lord Iskar Mythic videos
M: Socrethar the Eternal 57 Socrethar the Eternal Mythic videos
M: Tyrant Velhari 52 Tyrant Velhari Mythic videos
M: Fel Lord Zakuun 57 Fel Lord Zakuun Mythic videos
M: Xhul'horac 46 Xhul'horac Mythic videos
M: Mannoroth 31 Mannoroth Mythic videos
M: Archimonde 28 Archimonde Mythic videos

Heroic Hellfire Citadel

H: Hellfire Assault 262 Hellfire Assault Heroic videos
H: Iron Reaver 249 Iron Reaver Heroic videos
H: Kormrok 249 Kormrok Heroic videos
H: Hellfire High Council 248 Hellfire High Council Heroic videos
H: Kilrogg Deadeye 239 Kilrogg Deadeye Heroic videos
H: Gorefiend 235 Gorefiend Heroic videos
H: Shadow-Lord Iskar 190 Shadow-Lord Iskar Heroic videos
H: Socrethar the Eternal 192 Socrethar the Eternal Heroic videos
H: Tyrant Velhari 184 Tyrant Velhari Heroic videos
H: Fel Lord Zakuun 198 Fel Lord Zakuun Heroic videos
H: Xhul'horac 195 Xhul'horac Heroic videos
H: Mannoroth 181 Mannoroth Heroic videos
H: Archimonde 173 Archimonde Heroic videos

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