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EU-Blackrock Mythic Progress

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Abstinentia13513/13 (M)
2The Unnamed17213/13 (M)
3DX24113/13 (M)
4BloodNight Guardians32213/13 (M)
5New Dawn45613/13 (M)
6Demons47413/13 (M)
7Adoria (r)54413/13 (M)
8bam oida82013/13 (M)
9rise again84413/13 (M)
10Carnivores100413/13 (M)
11riddled with anxiety106613/13 (M)
12effect107213/13 (M)
12Debauchery TeaParty (r)107213/13 (M)
14Strategem110413/13 (M)
15Never Lucky110513/13 (M)
16Leopard with a Cha..121813/13 (M)
17echoes (r)127213/13 (M)
18U n b r e a k a b .. (r)128213/13 (M)
19BNG135713/13 (M)
20Dèjá vu154913/13 (M)
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Mythic Hellfire Citadel

M: Hellfire Assault 94 Hellfire Assault Mythic videos
M: Iron Reaver 88 Iron Reaver Mythic videos
M: Kormrok 86 Kormrok Mythic videos
M: Hellfire High Council 82 Hellfire High Council Mythic videos
M: Kilrogg Deadeye 80 Kilrogg Deadeye Mythic videos
M: Gorefiend 57 Gorefiend Mythic videos
M: Shadow-Lord Iskar 61 Shadow-Lord Iskar Mythic videos
M: Socrethar the Eternal 61 Socrethar the Eternal Mythic videos
M: Tyrant Velhari 51 Tyrant Velhari Mythic videos
M: Fel Lord Zakuun 58 Fel Lord Zakuun Mythic videos
M: Xhul'horac 49 Xhul'horac Mythic videos
M: Mannoroth 39 Mannoroth Mythic videos
M: Archimonde 34 Archimonde Mythic videos

Heroic Hellfire Citadel

H: Hellfire Assault 200 Hellfire Assault Heroic videos
H: Iron Reaver 195 Iron Reaver Heroic videos
H: Kormrok 195 Kormrok Heroic videos
H: Hellfire High Council 192 Hellfire High Council Heroic videos
H: Kilrogg Deadeye 188 Kilrogg Deadeye Heroic videos
H: Gorefiend 184 Gorefiend Heroic videos
H: Shadow-Lord Iskar 165 Shadow-Lord Iskar Heroic videos
H: Socrethar the Eternal 156 Socrethar the Eternal Heroic videos
H: Tyrant Velhari 152 Tyrant Velhari Heroic videos
H: Fel Lord Zakuun 163 Fel Lord Zakuun Heroic videos
H: Xhul'horac 160 Xhul'horac Heroic videos
H: Mannoroth 152 Mannoroth Heroic videos
H: Archimonde 138 Archimonde Heroic videos

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