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EU-Burning Legion Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Grizzly Hills (r)15018/11 (M)
22Barbarzyncy (r)15868/11 (M)
23Primori Morte (r)18887/11 (M)
24The Forge (r)19457/11 (M)
25Enraged20266/11 (M)
26Ironbound (r)20916/11 (M)
27Bright Future (r)21616/11 (M)
28Iron Cross (r)22226/11 (M)
29Way to Toxic (r)25666/11 (M)
30Maiori Cede (r)29645/11 (M)
31The Vision (r)31745/11 (M)
32Independent33075/11 (M)
33Loctus (r)34455/11 (M)
34Different Dimension34815/11 (M)
35PlanB34935/11 (M)
36WTB Toothbrush35645/11 (M)
37Avantura (r)35695/11 (M)
38Legacy of Blood (r)36264/11 (M)
39Tyranny36454/11 (M)
40PrzymierzeKrwi (r)36724/11 (M)


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