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EU-Chamber of Aspects Mythic Progress

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Rage of Ancients212913/13 (M)
2The legion of Kepo245913/13 (M)
3catchmyTowel260413/13 (M)
4Murder of Crows278413/13 (M)
5Incineration298812/13 (M)
6Heretics325912/13 (M)
7Renegade Wolves392011/13 (M)
8The Scarlet Circle (r)417111/13 (M)
9Worg Riders of Org..453410/13 (M)
10Siege462410/13 (M)
11Hexx53169/13 (M)
12Too Soon64246/13 (M)
13Fear76715/13 (M)
14clanONE77245/13 (M)
15We Die A Lot86054/13 (M)
16Triptych88563/13 (M)
17Reincarnation90413/13 (M)
18Overwhelming94323/13 (M)
19Aquarity104841/13 (M)
20Protoss IV107721/13 (M)
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Mythic Hellfire Citadel

M: Hellfire Assault 24 Hellfire Assault Mythic videos
M: Iron Reaver 18 Iron Reaver Mythic videos
M: Kormrok 18 Kormrok Mythic videos
M: Hellfire High Council 15 Hellfire High Council Mythic videos
M: Kilrogg Deadeye 14 Kilrogg Deadeye Mythic videos
M: Gorefiend 12 Gorefiend Mythic videos
M: Shadow-Lord Iskar 11 Shadow-Lord Iskar Mythic videos
M: Socrethar the Eternal 11 Socrethar the Eternal Mythic videos
M: Tyrant Velhari 10 Tyrant Velhari Mythic videos
M: Fel Lord Zakuun 11 Fel Lord Zakuun Mythic videos
M: Xhul'horac 8
M: Mannoroth 6 Mannoroth Mythic videos
M: Archimonde 4 Archimonde Mythic videos

Heroic Hellfire Citadel

H: Hellfire Assault 74 Hellfire Assault Heroic videos
H: Iron Reaver 70 Iron Reaver Heroic videos
H: Kormrok 70 Kormrok Heroic videos
H: Hellfire High Council 70 Hellfire High Council Heroic videos
H: Kilrogg Deadeye 64 Kilrogg Deadeye Heroic videos
H: Gorefiend 64 Gorefiend Heroic videos
H: Shadow-Lord Iskar 49 Shadow-Lord Iskar Heroic videos
H: Socrethar the Eternal 49 Socrethar the Eternal Heroic videos
H: Tyrant Velhari 46 Tyrant Velhari Heroic videos
H: Fel Lord Zakuun 52 Fel Lord Zakuun Heroic videos
H: Xhul'horac 52 Xhul'horac Heroic videos
H: Mannoroth 49 Mannoroth Heroic videos
H: Archimonde 46 Archimonde Heroic videos

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