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EU-Connected Darksorrow Mythic Progress

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Ninjapartio (r)9146/8 (M)
3CSI Gnomeregan (r)16145/8 (M)
5The Haunted (r)42773/8 (M)
12The Aunans (r)8224 8/8 (H)
2Seriously Casual11486/8 (M)
4Decimation33793/8 (M)
6Cursed45973/8 (M)
8CTSamurai6253 8/8 (H)
13Anonyymi9448 7/8 (H)
14KnickerBlocker Glory9777 7/8 (H)
15The Ultimate Seduc..9823 7/8 (H)
18Pohjoinen11335 6/8 (H)
22Fat Balls Final Re..15922 2/8 (N)
25Fists Of Thunder19486 4/8 (N)
27Paranoia19746 4/8 (N)
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Mythic The Eternal Palace

M: Abyssal Commander Sivara 7
M: Blackwater Behemoth 6
M: Radiance of Azshara 6
M: Lady Ashvane 3
M: Orgozoa 3
M: The Queen's Court 2
M: Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alotha 0
M: Queen Azshara 0

Heroic The Eternal Palace

H: Abyssal Commander Sivara 21
H: Blackwater Behemoth 20
H: Radiance of Azshara 20
H: Lady Ashvane 19
H: Orgozoa 18
H: The Queen's Court 18
H: Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alotha 16
H: Queen Azshara 12

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