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EU-Connected Defias Brotherhood Realm Ranking

RP-PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1The Misty Moon Mas.. (r)3419/11 (M)
2Saníty3679/11 (M)
3RR Inc (r)6139/11 (M)
4Lakko (r)6888/11 (M)
5Violent Circus (r)10077/11 (M)
6The Omerta (r)12866/11 (M)
7The Betrayed12996/11 (M)
8Nostalgic Moments (r)15066/11 (M)
9Team Two (r)17875/11 (M)
10Linear (r)18305/11 (M)
11Bloodwind27254/11 (M)
12Goon Squad29153/11 (M)
13The Revival (r)29903/11 (M)
14Fear the Rabbit (r)32953/11 (M)
15Legion of Lobsters33793/11 (M)
16Kindred (r)33883/11 (M)
17Natural Selection35392/11 (M)
18Socius36782/11 (M)
19Gdzie Mój Mimiron37312/11 (M)
20High Definition39472/11 (M)
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