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EU-Connected Drak'thul Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Exposed3111/11 (M)
2Embody14711/11 (M)
3Stones (r)25511/11 (M)
4Panta Rheî (r)46211/11 (M)
5Fel Fidget Spinner (r)49311/11 (M)
6Eternal Shadows (r)54711/11 (M)
7K o K (r)66011/11 (M)
8Dedicated Casuals (r)66611/11 (M)
9Dismissed (r)84711/11 (M)
10SAVIORS (r)88111/11 (M)
11Bad Luck90011/11 (M)
12Addicted103311/11 (M)
13M Y T H (r)106911/11 (M)
14Goodbye Kitty137911/11 (M)
15Sarcasm Society141411/11 (M)
16TheGenesis (r)192410/11 (M)
17Seekers of Eternity (r)204410/11 (M)
18Tea Party of the D..208710/11 (M)
19Wayward222810/11 (M)
20Sanguineus Adamas (r)24889/11 (M)
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