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EU-Connected Drak'thul Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Withered Army20016/11 (M)
22Wayward21496/11 (M)
23Bad Luck (r)22736/11 (M)
24AllStars (r)24286/11 (M)
25Crows (r)25376/11 (M)
26Press W to wipe26855/11 (M)
27Forged (r)28495/11 (M)
28Dark Legions (r)29665/11 (M)
29Dark Roots30275/11 (M)
30Cutting Edge30745/11 (M)
31Silver Legion (r)30835/11 (M)
32Dänk memes for orc..31325/11 (M)
33Night Raiders (r)32595/11 (M)
34Duality34375/11 (M)
35Legion34495/11 (M)
36Seekers of Eternity (r)34555/11 (M)
37Deep Thunder (r)34885/11 (M)
38zero Empathy39434/11 (M)
39Tangled Wire (r)45513/11 (M)
40Ordo Draconum46613/11 (M)


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