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EU-Connected Dun Modr Mythic Progress

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1Never Dies4946/8 (M)
2Singularity12225/8 (M)
3Sons of Odyn (r)17374/8 (M)
4ZeRo Raiders (r)22413/8 (M)
5Troyanos25243/8 (M)
6The Lost Hand25553/8 (M)
7Korea La Buena29183/8 (M)
8Abyss Watchers (r)34272/8 (M)
9Dos Patas37392/8 (M)
10Muerte Del Ebano41262/8 (M)
11The Well42352/8 (M)
12Addiction42572/8 (M)
13OG MYSTERIA45702/8 (M)
14THIS IS THE WAY50821/8 (M)
15Rue del Percebe50851/8 (M)
16La Comarca (r)52421/8 (M)
17Legacy of Dragoons52521/8 (M)
18Falafel Squad5718 8/8 (H)
19Vengance Classic5831 7/8 (H)
20Héroes Desterrados6048 7/8 (H)
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Mythic Vault of the Incarnates

M: Eranog 17
M: Terros 7
M: The Primal Council 13
M: Sennarth, the Cold Breath 3
M: Dathea, Ascended 1
M: Kurog Grimtotem 2
M: Broodkeeper Diurna 0
M: Raszageth the Storm-Eater 0

Heroic Vault of the Incarnates

H: Eranog 60
H: Terros 57
H: The Primal Council 55
H: Sennarth, the Cold Breath 55
H: Dathea, Ascended 48
H: Kurog Grimtotem 53
H: Broodkeeper Diurna 37
H: Raszageth the Storm-Eater 12

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