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EU-Connected Nordrassil Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Rude (r)15610/11 (M)
2The Gauntlet (r)20425/11 (M)
3Pro Finlandia28043/11 (M)
4New Order (r)29793/11 (M)
5Revenged (r)36842/11 (M)
6Emeritus (r)45851/11 (M)
7Volition54851/11 (M)
8Silicon Heaven (r)55601/11 (M)
9Amnesia6672 11/11 (H)
10Pretentious Inc8102 10/11 (H)
11The Turtle Sanctuary8111 10/11 (H)
12Protectors of Funk8546 10/11 (H)
13Trinity9112 9/11 (H)
14Dignified9256 9/11 (H)
15Valerius9372 9/11 (H)
16Chaos Council (r)9421 9/11 (H)
17Looney Tunes9684 8/11 (H)
18Guardians of Faith (r)9708 8/11 (H)
19Pardoxum10909 8/11 (H)
20Made In Poland10991 8/11 (H)
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