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EU-Connected Nordrassil Mythic Progress

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Sentenced7169/9 (M)
2Pro Finlandia32896/9 (M)
3The Gauntlet (r)34616/9 (M)
4Revenged37185/9 (M)
5Silicon Heaven (r)55603/9 (M)
6Dedicated Few72472/9 (M)
7The Frozen Riders86471/9 (M)
8Trinity89891/9 (M)
9The Turtle Sanctuary90691/9 (M)
10Valerius90871/9 (M)
11Ancient (r)94861/9 (M)
12Ludens98601/9 (M)
13Magnitude99721/9 (M)
14Made In Poland103561/9 (M)
15Darkness of Azeroth (r)103781/9 (M)
16A New Hope108011/9 (M)
17The Casual Elites108161/9 (M)
18The Fallen Angels110261/9 (M)
19Protectors of Funk11994 9/9 (H)
20Order of the Bansh..12291 9/9 (H)
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Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor

M: Champion of the Light 18
M: Jadefire Masters 6
M: Grong 5
M: Opulence 4
M: Mekkatorque 1
M: Conclave of the Chosen 4
M: Stormwall Blockade 1
M: King Rastakhan 3
M: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 1

Heroic Battle of Dazar'alor

H: Champion of the Light 44
H: Jadefire Masters 41
H: Grong 40
H: Opulence 39
H: Mekkatorque 26
H: Conclave of the Chosen 37
H: Stormwall Blockade 23
H: King Rastakhan 36
H: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 23

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