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EU-Connected Perenolde Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Infernales (r)10026/11 (M)
2Twist of Fate (r)30443/11 (M)
3We Fail (r)41182/11 (M)
4Ascension43612/11 (M)
5Back To Life53361/11 (M)
6Malfurions Erben56551/11 (M)
7Elite des Lichtes6750 11/11 (H)
8Synergy7673 11/11 (H)
9All Quest for Fun (r)7828 11/11 (H)
10Wishkey udn Dschin7839 11/11 (H)
11SolidCore8335 10/11 (H)
12Schwarze Lilie8596 10/11 (H)
13Aeon (r)8693 10/11 (H)
14Planet Hell (r)8783 10/11 (H)
15Ehre und Stärke (r)8852 10/11 (H)
16Azeroths Weltenbum.. (r)8999 9/11 (H)
17Das Schwarze Heer9546 9/11 (H)
18LordAerons Erben10953 8/11 (H)
19Dominion (r)10991 8/11 (H)
20Pech und Schwefel11276 8/11 (H)
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