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EU-Connected Shattered Hand Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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1Näkijän taru5646/9 (M)
2D A W N7185/9 (M)
3Geek Squad (r)7385/9 (M)
4Tervaleijona (r)9644/9 (M)
5Infected Nation12763/9 (M)
6E V O (r)16493/9 (M)
7Globallocked (r)18303/9 (M)
8Postmortem (r)30981/9 (M)
9Soul Collectors (r)31551/9 (M)
10THE INSIST31611/9 (M)
11Element (r)38701/9 (M)
12Banana Rampage (r)44561/9 (M)
13Af Konkelbär6375 8/9 (H)
14Kin6744 6/9 (H)
15DeathJesters6966 6/9 (H)
16Grab em by the Rai..7179 6/9 (H)
17The Steak House7294 6/9 (H)
18Loco Motives7450 6/9 (H)
19Resistance7596 5/9 (H)
20Exception (r)7783 5/9 (H)
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Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor

M: Champion of the Light 12
M: Jadefire Masters 7
M: Grong 7
M: Opulence 4
M: Mekkatorque 0
M: Conclave of the Chosen 3
M: Stormwall Blockade 0
M: King Rastakhan 1
M: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 0

Heroic Battle of Dazar'alor

H: Champion of the Light 38
H: Jadefire Masters 32
H: Grong 35
H: Opulence 26
H: Mekkatorque 11
H: Conclave of the Chosen 22
H: Stormwall Blockade 11
H: King Rastakhan 18
H: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 8

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