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EU-Connected Shattered Hand Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Sanitas (r)497/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 8/10 (M)
2Sidestep497/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 8/10 (M)
3W U T (r)1337/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 7/10 (M)
4TEAM DONE1347/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 7/10 (M)
5E V O (r)2487/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 7/10 (M)
6Victus (r)3587/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 5/10 (M)
7Practice6087/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 2/10 (M)
8LIMITLESS6297/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 0/10
9D A W N6937/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 5/10 (M)
10Näkijän taru (r)8037/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 4/10 (M)
11Kalmankaarti (r)11017/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 4/10 (M)
12Tervaleijona11047/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 4/10 (M)
13WTF COLLECTIVE (r)12547/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
14Abandon14127/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
15Exception (r)14467/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
16Infected Nation (r)14537/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
17IMPERIA (r)18257/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
18Postmortem23877/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
19Cincinnati Zoo (r)24217/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
20The Rising (r)24457/7 (M) 2/3 (M) 3/10 (M)
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Mythic The Nighthold

M: Skorpyron 28 Skorpyron Mythic videos
M: Chronomatic Anomaly 25 Chronomatic Anomaly Mythic videos
M: Trilliax 24 Trilliax Mythic videos
M: Spellblade Aluriel 7 Spellblade Aluriel Mythic videos
M: Tichondrius 6 Tichondrius Mythic videos
M: Krosus 9 Krosus Mythic videos
M: High Botanist Tel'arn 6 High Botanist Tel'arn Mythic videos
M: Star Augur Etraeus 3 Star Augur Etraeus Mythic videos
M: Grand Magistrix Elisande 0
M: Gul'dan 0

Mythic Trial of Valor

M: Odyn 23 Odyn Mythic videos
M: Guarm 22 Guarm Mythic videos
M: Helya 8 Helya Mythic videos

Mythic The Emerald Nightmare

M: Nythendra 59 Nythendra Mythic videos
M: Elerethe Renferal 49 Elerethe Renferal Mythic videos
M: Il'gynoth 38 Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Mythic videos
M: Ursoc 54 Ursoc Mythic videos
M: Dragons of Nightmare 46 Dragons of Nightmare Mythic videos
M: Cenarius 33 Cenarius Mythic videos
M: Xavius 33 Xavius Mythic videos

Heroic The Nighthold

H: Skorpyron 67 Skorpyron Heroic videos
H: Chronomatic Anomaly 67 Chronomatic Anomaly Heroic videos
H: Trilliax 64 Trilliax Heroic videos
H: Spellblade Aluriel 52 Spellblade Aluriel Heroic videos
H: Tichondrius 48 Tichondrius Heroic videos
H: Krosus 57 Krosus Heroic videos
H: High Botanist Tel'arn 43 High Botanist Tel'arn Heroic videos
H: Star Augur Etraeus 49 Star Augur Etraeus Heroic videos
H: Grand Magistrix Elisande 38 Grand Magistrix Elisande Heroic videos
H: Gul'dan 35 Gul'dan Heroic videos

Heroic Trial of Valor

H: Odyn 70 Odyn Heroic videos
H: Guarm 68 Guarm Heroic videos
H: Helya 55 Helya Heroic videos

Heroic The Emerald Nightmare

H: Nythendra 128 Nythendra Heroic videos
H: Elerethe Renferal 113 Elerethe Renferal Heroic videos
H: Il'gynoth 114 Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Heroic videos
H: Ursoc 114 Ursoc Heroic videos
H: Dragons of Nightmare 125 Dragons of Nightmare Heroic videos
H: Cenarius 120 Cenarius Heroic videos
H: Xavius 113 Xavius Heroic videos

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