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EU-Connected Stormrage Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Avalerion (r)4748/9 (M)
2Exiled (r)12677/9 (M)
3Arisen20626/9 (M)
4Imperium (r)27165/9 (M)
5The Internet People34015/9 (M)
6Absolute Vikings (r)37245/9 (M)
7Mythical (r)49403/9 (M)
8KeKThisOut (r)52293/9 (M)
9Recipe For Disaster (r)56373/9 (M)
10Crusaders of the P..61272/9 (M)
11Fimbulvinter7729 9/9 (H)
12Twilight Justice8139 9/9 (H)
13The Bonehunters8744 9/9 (H)
14Silenced8900 9/9 (H)
15New Dawn9070 9/9 (H)
16The Brotherhood9165 9/9 (H)
17Frost9272 9/9 (H)
18The Cold North9450 9/9 (H)
19Guns n Roses (r)9515 9/9 (H)
20The Black Horde9517 9/9 (H)
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