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EU-Connected The Maelstrom Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1ScrubBusters711/11 (M)
2The Brigade (r)9511/11 (M)
3Benched20311/11 (M)
4The Inner Circle (r)45611/11 (M)
5Diverse Society (r)67911/11 (M)
6Starlight (r)96711/11 (M)
7Exodus145110/11 (M)
8The Hellfront (r)183410/11 (M)
9Fistful of Pleasure20369/11 (M)
10Aetherium20419/11 (M)
11Horizons (r)21009/11 (M)
12Gloria Finis21929/11 (M)
13Deep Fried Chicken.. (r)22919/11 (M)
14After Midnight (r)23619/11 (M)
15Archon Umbra24149/11 (M)
16Divided (r)28608/11 (M)
17Anxiety Society32787/11 (M)
18Unbroken33916/11 (M)
19Pandro Airlines38276/11 (M)
20Murloc Death Squad40085/11 (M)
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