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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Betrayal69732/11 (M)
22Öregfiúk71262/11 (M)
23The Power Rangers79341/11 (M)
24Oldschool85121/11 (M)
25Cold9177 11/11 (H)
26Paha Setä9342 11/11 (H)
27Haste9480 11/11 (H)
28Why no love (r)9552 11/11 (H)
29I Am Boxxy You See (r)10756 11/11 (H)
30Reapers10826 11/11 (H)
31Elite Order11227 11/11 (H)
32TheyToldMeThereWas..11594 11/11 (H)
33Abyss of Hungry Eyes12341 11/11 (H)
34Prophecy12591 11/11 (H)
35Pap en Vleis12802 11/11 (H)
36The Furious Five14246 11/11 (H)
37Aspect of Anarchy16174 9/11 (H)
38The Special Misfits18305 8/11 (H)
39Da Senjin Advice B..18457 7/11 (H)
40Chillers Inc18488 7/11 (H)


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