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EU-Drak'thul Mythic Progress

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings



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1Black Division3714/14 (H)
2Ladies First11514/14 (H)
3Deep Thunder20914/14 (H)
4Paradox24114/14 (H)
5Disbanded26814/14 (H)
6Embody37014/14 (H)
7Hard Fusion38314/14 (H)
8Blood Shadows55514/14 (H)
9Duality68014/14 (H)
10The Fire Clan73214/14 (H)
11The Insomnia81414/14 (H)
12Mythical Society88114/14 (H)
13Andílci91514/14 (H)
14Spolocenstvo160912/14 (H)
15J E R I C H O183811/14 (H)
16Sarcasm Society (r)231010/14 (H)
17Wayward231310/14 (H)
18Cutting Edge255310/14 (H)
19Secret of Shadows28408/14 (H)
20Darksajd29648/14 (H)
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1Ira Dei5614/14 (H)
2Proper Gaming31314/14 (H)
3Black Division54314/14 (H)
4Ladies First66414/14 (H)
5Embody67814/14 (H)
6Ekirei90114/14 (H)
7Duality100614/14 (H)
8Silver Legion109214/14 (H)
9Deep Thunder109314/14 (H)
10Hard Fusion126114/14 (H)
11Disbanded147914/14 (H)
12Paradox164514/14 (H)
13Apocalypso184714/14 (H)
14Mythical Society228314/14 (H)
15Paseraci Rumu z Bo..236914/14 (H)
16Blood Shadows252614/14 (H)
17Nukleární Medvídci274614/14 (H)
18Direct282813/14 (H)
19The Death Itself298413/14 (H)
20Proven324913/14 (H)
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Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar

H: Immerseus 99 Immerseus Heroic videos
H: Fallen Protectors 80 Fallen Protectors Heroic videos
H: Norushen 101 Norushen Heroic videos
H: Sha of Pride 78 Sha of Pride Heroic videos
H: Galakras 77 Galakras Heroic videos
H: Iron Juggernaut 74 Iron Juggernaut Heroic videos
H: Kor'kron Dark Shaman 69 Kor'kron Dark Shaman Heroic videos
H: General Nazgrim 71 General Nazgrim Heroic videos
H: Malkorok 60 Malkorok Heroic videos
H: Spoils of Pandaria 54 Spoils of Pandaria Heroic videos
H: Thok the Bloodthirsty 45 Thok the Bloodthirsty Heroic videos
H: Siegecrafter Blackfuse 30 Siegecrafter Blackfuse Heroic videos
H: Paragons of the Klaxxi 31 Paragons of the Klaxxi Heroic videos
H: Garrosh Hellscream 20 Garrosh Hellscream Heroic videos

Siege of Orgrimmar

N: Immerseus 153 Immerseus Normal videos
N: Fallen Protectors 150 Fallen Protectors Normal videos
N: Norushen 146 Norushen Normal videos
N: Sha of Pride 146 Sha of Pride Normal videos
N: Galakras 141 Galakras Normal videos
N: Iron Juggernaut 142 Iron Juggernaut Normal videos
N: Kor'kron Dark Shaman 142 Kor'kron Dark Shaman Normal videos
N: General Nazgrim 141 General Nazgrim Normal videos
N: Malkorok 141 Malkorok Normal videos
N: Spoils of Pandaria 140 Spoils of Pandaria Normal videos
N: Thok the Bloodthirsty 136 Thok the Bloodthirsty Normal videos
N: Siegecrafter Blackfuse 135 Siegecrafter Blackfuse Normal videos
N: Paragons of the Klaxxi 137 Paragons of the Klaxxi Normal videos
N: Garrosh Hellscream 128 Garrosh Hellscream Normal videos

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