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EU-Hyjal Mythic Progress

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Cats On Crit (r)1447/9 (M)
2Wisp2756/9 (M)
3Wave (r)3216/9 (M)
4Grey Parses (r)3746/9 (M)
5Without Respect (r)3826/9 (M)
6Obscurum (r)4856/9 (M)
7Bastion (r)6275/9 (M)
8La Baguette (r)6315/9 (M)
9Imperîum7795/9 (M)
10Academy (r)7865/9 (M)
11Slack N Die (r)7975/9 (M)
12From Ash To Dust (r)8564/9 (M)
13Influence (r)8904/9 (M)
14Epic Whine9334/9 (M)
15New Age (r)9764/9 (M)
16Fail Better (r)11264/9 (M)
17Murloc inside (r)11733/9 (M)
18Take Two (r)11963/9 (M)
19Square (r)12163/9 (M)
20Ante Bellum15023/9 (M)
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