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EU-Kel'Thuzad Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21reVamP (10)4/13 (H)90134066.66
22Reunion (10/25)4/13 (H)94743866.66
23Lost Belief (10/25)5/13 (H)95943811.12
24Goldrausch5/13 (H)97713744.44
25next please (10)5/13 (H)104433472.22
26Inflection (10)5/13 (H)105153444.43
27Worg this way (10)6/13 (H)105303438.88
28queXilver (10)5/13 (H)118322911.11
29The Only Escape (10/25)3/13 (H)125112611.11
30Advocatis Diaboli (10)4/13 (H)131282394.44
31The Awakening (10)4/13 (H)133692316.66
32Damned Souls (10)3/13 (H)134042305.55
33Bündnis der Dunkel.. (10)3/13 (H)137192211.11
34da hilft nur üben (10)3/13 (H)137982183.34
35Revénge2/13 (H)145442000.00
36ÆquiLibrium (10)2/13 (H)148931866.67
37resign from life2/13 (H)150081822.22
38One Percent (10)2/13 (H)156851605.56
39Manasturm3/13 (H)160801500.00
40Dogma2/13 (H)166061366.67
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